What is the difference between hydrocodone, oxycodone, and codiene?

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16 Feb 2010

The only thing I know is they are all in the same family of pain relief medication. Codeine in used for mild to moderate pain and the other 2 are for moderate to severe pain. That is the extent of what I know. Hope it is of some help

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16 Feb 2010

Each of these pain medications are combined with a different compound or anti-inflammatory medication. For example Hydrocodone is the generic name for Vicodin mixed with aspirin. I take Hydrocodone 10/660 top number is the mg of Vicodin and the bottom number is the amount of aspirin.
Oxycodone is Morphine compounded with something else and Oxycontin was the purest of the Morphine compounds.

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chronicpainhurts 16 Feb 2010

thanks all, but I used to take vicodin and mine was 500mg tylenol with 5 mg hydrocodone.{which I thought was codiene}..I have never heard of vicodin with asprin in it? wow, I learned something new... I just thought alll hydrocodone, oxycodone, and codiene were somehow all the same thing... in some way..thanks again:)

da1zy_00 15 Oct 2011

there is no asprin in vicodin or lortabs or norco or anything hydrocodone... it is all tylenol..

16 Feb 2010

I was always confused with medication differences especially with codeine /hydrocodone/oxycodone.
What I learned is this: Codeine being the lesser of the three as far as pain control is concerned. Codeine/Tylenol is the weakest of the three medications. Codeine is a natural opiate not man made (in a lab), they add the tylenol to increase the effectiveness of the drug, and reduce fever, and also can be added for anittussive reasons.
More often than not, people experience itching, and more frequent side effects from this drug. It can also be mixed with Aspirin, so it would be for example: APAP/Codeine #3, or it may be written as: Tylenol/Codeine #3, The number is the miligrams of codeine added, it starts with one and goes as high as four.


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