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What is a good post surgery non blood thinning pain killer?

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15 Dec 2011

Acetaminophen (for mild pain) and all the opioid pain killers are non-blood thinning pain killers. Opioids will definitely work better. Please discuss with your doctor.

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15 Dec 2011

I had two C-1 to C-2 vertabre fussed & I found Dilaudid worked great for pain & with not my pain,without many side effects compared to M.S Contin,or Fentanly(WHICH IN MY OPINION WAS THE ABSOULUTE WORSE TRYING TO STOP!!! If your doc is willing to give a a prescription for them because they were like the Oxcycontin ever since they came out people have been abusing them,but they to me they work great for pain.So if you can get em,try em. Who knows maybe they won't work as well for you,but I have been on some heavy duty narcotics for over 5 yrs & they are the best I've found. Good luck,oh & if you found this helpful I think theres a box you can check saying you did & I KNOW I've given some of my experiences with pain meds that I knew were helpful but they always 4get to say Yeah,I found it helpful.

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