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What does the pill called molly and ecstacy contain in them?

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30 Apr 2011

Hi mona41,
I have to agree with what the previous response,you just dont know now a days what exactly people are putting into these tablets,its gone from baking powder to rat poison in these times,years ago the drugs were mixed professionally if you like(not that there is anything professional about making a concoction to get you out of your head and possibly harm yourself long term)but now days its young people doing the mixing and the making and the cutting of drugs to make more profit for themselves so they'll throw anything into the mix to double the amount they started with,when god knows what was mixed before that person got their hands on it.Dont mean to go on my dear but you just dont know whats in anything anymore,you cant trust anyone when it comes to playing with your life.One person could take 1ecstacy and die,while another could take them every weekend and no reaction.Its hit and miss but dangerous game nowadays.Sorry for going on,hope this helped a bit

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9 Sep 2013

Molly for molecule is a pure form of the ecstasy and the methamphetamine in it but there's a knock off made of cocaine, crack, meth, ecstasy and bath salt which both are dangerous but the fake Molly causes more havoc. By the 2nd pill u begin to destroy the brain and ur unaware and by the 3-5 pill because ur so over heated from the drug ur lungs and internal organs begin to shut down.

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29 Apr 2011

Ecstacy is mainly mdma/mdea but people are making this stuff more and more so as far as its ingredients, it's similar to cocaine, whatever they want to mix with it. Usually its mixed with some type of upper like cocaine or ephedrine. Some have "tripped" off ecstacy because some times LSD has even been added to the mix. I don't care what people may tell you but these days its absolutely nothing compared to what it used to be like 15 + years ago. This stuff is being made by people in there homes who don't know anything about pharmacology and mixing ingredients like aspirin, tylenol, caffeine, and those are the better but crappy ingredients so you can use your imagination as to what the worser ones are "Molly" is supposed to be a purer form of MDMA, the main ingredient in ecstacy.


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