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Can Trazodone cause me to have nightmares or very odd dreams?

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5 Sep 2015

I have taken trazodone many times to help me sleep at night. After taking a break for about a week, I took my normal dosage of 50 mg last night. For the first time ever I experienced multiple horribly vivid nightmares. I can remember most details from a few different nightmares and they truly frightened me. I am going to give trazodone another try tonight but if the nightmares continue I am going to ask my doctor for an alternative medication.

29 Jun 2013

Yes that can happend to some people.

23 Apr 2015

I just woke up from a light sleep. This drug gives me awful, vivid dreams. Very odd ones, often having to do with my mental health. I'll probably have to stop for that reason.


29 Jun 2013

Hello missmarymarie13. Yes. However, if the nightmares and dreams persist and you feel uncomfortable consult your doctor, who might offer another medication to replace the Trazodone with. Regards pledge

13 Aug 2015

I was put on 50mg Trazodone to help with insomnia caused by my antidepressants. Last night was the first time I had taken one and i had an awful, vivid dream that i can remember quite clearly. I am scared that this will continue to happen. The dream wasnt so much scary as disturbing and even thinking about it throughout the day, it bugs me in a weird way.

3 Apr 2015

I Been taking trazadone 50 mg every night for 3 months and I have nightmares every night but , I don't let them get to me

22 Sep 2015

Trazodone gives me multiple or very long extremely vivid dreams. Not nightmares, but very detailed and pleasant to neutral.

Actually, I enjoy it.


15 Jul 2013

That is one of the reasons I stopped it. Very bad ones!

30 Jun 2013

yes I find any med I have used except for Xanax and possibly buspirone/Buspar... trazodone nefazodone..not so much..venlafaxine/Effexor even in low doses of Effexor any meds that affect the reuptake of serontonin can cause nightmares a friend of mine on this site is taking guanfacine/Tenex for this..not sure if they happened before taking meds or after..she is also on Buspar so maybe this can cause bad dreams..So I think maybe the Xanax and nefazodone did not cause bad dreams

missmarymarie13 17 Jul 2013

Thank you... This gives me a lot to think about :)

6 Aug 2015

They give me vivid weird dreams.. Not necessarily bad but stuff out of a movie.. To be frank, it's almost entertaining.. It's like I'm watching a flick every night... The Only problem is... Sometimes I don't remember if I actually did or didn't do something or if I just dreamth it...

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