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Can alprazolam aid in alcohol withdrawal?

After three years of fairly heavy drinking (either a bottle of wine or a 6 pack of beer, and occasionally a bit more, nearly every night). I decided to join an AA group. I've also talked to my ...

Posted 16 Feb 2011 4 answers

Can you drink wine while taking Penicilln VK 500mg tab?

I would like a glass of wine however I am taking Penicilln VK 500mg tabs for a tooth infection & have been on them for 4 days now and want to know if it is safe to have a few glasses of wine?

Posted 29 May 2011 1 answer

Should I go back on naltrexone?

I have been alcohol dependent for over 9 yrs, i was drinking a bottle of wine and cans of lager every night, I had a detox in feb then put on naltrexone, I found this tablet made me really itchy and ...

Posted 7 days ago 2 answers

Can I drink wine/alcohol while taking Terbinafine HCL 250 mg one a day? Is wine safer than alcohol?

... How many drink can I have a week? My job as an event planner often requires primarily wine tastings with the food menu that is presented to the client. What is the risk while taking the tablet ...

Posted 20 days ago 2 answers

Is moderate alcohol use daily (2-3 drinks) permissible w/zytiga&prednisone?

By moderate I mean 2 oz whiskey & 7 oz wine before & with supper

Posted 6 days ago 1 answer

Starting the treatment this thursday?

hello my boyfriend is starting the treatment this thursday and I keep telling him that he shouldnot drink alcohol he says wine only I don't agree with him. does anybody know if it's safe to ...

Posted 8 days ago 1 answer


How long after taking Protonix ((Pantrapazole) does it's effectiveness last? My doctor says it is at

... "half-life" at the end of one hour. Does that mean if I take one at say 7:00pm, have a glass of wine and settle down to dinner at eight, it is already at half effective level, or I have ...

Posted 10 days ago 1 answer

Can I drink alcohol while on Ceftriaxone?

Can I drink two or more glasses of wine while I am taking ceftriaxone iv at home, Treating Lyme disease. I hear from a pharmasist its ok then others say not to drink.

Posted 16 days ago 1 answer

If I take Melatonin will 2-3 glasses of win cause problems?

drink 2-3 glasess of wine at nigh and will take MelTONIN at bedtime .. wil that cause any problems t

Posted 13 days ago 0 answers

Can I drink wine while taking imuran?

Posted 12 days ago 0 answers

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