Can I drink one glass of red wine while taking warafin?

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26 Jan 2011


Drinking alcohol can increase certain side effects of warfarin.

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26 Jan 2011

drugs such as Warafin do not mix with alcohol in that they have a tendency to increase the effectivess ot the medication so please do not drink while on this medication

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26 Jan 2011

Drinking red wine can make your INR elevated. Talk to your Dr. It is usually not recommended to drink alcohol but your Dr may permit one glass of red wine. This is a question for the prescribing Dr. The wine will inrease your INR but if you drink a small amount on a daily basis they can adjust the medication for that but bottom line you need to ask the Dr who prescribed it (the warfarin).

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27 Jan 2011

It is not advisable as it may thin your blood some more, wine is a natural blood thinner. You may want to talk to your doctor if you are a regular wine drinker so they can adjust your dose accordingly. Hope this one helps too, marjorie zych

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