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150mg wellbutrin 4 mths, alcohol intake huge increase daily. How do I stop?

Went from 2-4 beers/night to heavy vodka drinking. Read all the issues, want to stop drinking but major side effect. How do I stop drinking? Should I go off Wellbutrin immediately to stop? Found ...

Posted 13 Jul 2012 2 answers

Is Wellbutrin XR more effective when taken with another anti-depressant?

I recently started taking Wellbutrin XR (slowly increased to 300mg) - while also weening off of Effexor. I guess I have had a hard time distinguishing between the side effects from both? Anyone who ...

Posted 10 Jul 2012 1 answer

Anyone experience heavy side effects during the first week or two on Wellbutrin?

I started Wellbutrin 4 days ago and I have been experiencing some weird side effects. I feel like my whole body is swirling and I get this heavy pressure in my ears and head. It feels like my ...

Posted 18 Sep 2011 10 answers

I have been taking wellbutrin for about 5 months now and they are going to ADD lexapro. Does anyone?

have any input or comments on the 2 together. Thank you

Posted 17 Aug 2012 3 answers

I was put on Viibryd 4 months ago & have gained 40lbs & all research tells me this shldn't happen???

In January I was prescribed Viibryd on top of Wellbutrin I was already taken & now here it is May & have gone from 150 to 190. All information I read regarding Viibryd tells me it ...

Posted 9 May 2012 1 answer

Can trileptal, Wellbutrin, lamictal compination cause blood vessels to burst in eyes?

Shortly after adding lamictal my son had a virus that made him vomit. He ended up bursting blood vessels in both eyes. The week before this he had a random nose bleed that was really bad. All lab ...

Posted 8 Jul 2012 1 answer

Wellbutrin XL - I feel hungry on Boprion XL (only 4 days on meds)?

Hi. I know it takes a few weeks for the full effects of the medicine to kick in. I am already kinda overweight and I honesty feel hungry a lot since I started taking it. Did anyone feel this at the ...

Posted 23 Mar 2012 2 answers

Has anyone started smoking more since being on bupropion?

I cut down from a pack a day for the last 28 years to 5-10 a day after my attempt to quit with hypnosis. The hypnosis worked for about 2 months then I started up again slowly. I just started on ...

Posted 22 Jun 2012 2 answers

Wellbutrin XL - I,m taking to quit smoking, when does that affect kick in, taking for 3 weeks?

I took it over 15 years ago, when they found it helps with smoking. After about 5-7 days of taking 150mg... when I would take a smoke, I got this weird taste in my mouth which encouraged me not to ...

Posted 11 Feb 2012 1 answer

Doctor - I have low iron, the nurse told me it was 18 but my hemogloblin was 11. I am overweight?

... but I am constantly tired. I don't have the energy to excersise. I also have depression and anxiety issues and tried wellbutrin with no luck. I have already had 3 iron infusions in april and ...

Posted 27 Jun 2012 5 answers

Starting out on Wellbutrin xl?

Hi im a 22 year old single mother of 2. I have been suffering from post pardum depression and have tried cetalopram and venlafaxine and neither helped. I was recently in the hospital after a suicide ...

Posted 15 Jul 2012 1 answer

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