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My doctor has prescriped me wellbutrin xl 150mg to be taken twice a day. Is this ok?

I've seen that it appears that most information leads to having the dose once a day, I want to be sure that the dosing this way will be safe.

Posted 9 Jul 2013 2 answers

Wellbutrin - Has anyone tried Forfivo 450 mgs?

I would like to know if anyone has ever taken Forfivo, it's suppose to be equal to Wellbutrin 450mgs. I have been on it for 2 weeks, with each passing day, I am feeling awful. I noticed I am not ...

Posted 1 Jul 2013 1 answer

Is Lexapro or Prozac good w/Strattera & Wellbutrin for mild depression?

I'm on 75mg Wellbutrin a day for Bipolar Depression & ADHD & 80 a day for ADHD. I also neeid a little bit of something else for mild anxiety & depression. If i take 150 wellbutrin I ...

Posted 20 Feb 2013 4 answers

Depression - Has anyone been on cymbalta AND/or remeron for depression and anxiety?

A few years ago I was doing well on cymbalta/wellbutrin combo. Worst mistake I ever made was to do a sleep study, because I had to come off AD to get accurate reading. After that I went into a ...

Posted 25 May 2012 3 answers

What antibiotics can you take with wellbutrin xl?

I've had a sinus infection for 14 days. I was put on zithromax because it was one I could take with wellbutrin (generic form) xl. It isn't working however. When I research other antibiotics ...

Posted 16 Jan 2013 2 answers

Once I start taking 300mgs a day of Trileptal, about how long should it be til I notice the full ef?

til I notice the full effects of it? I am taking it for mild Bipolar Disorder/depression along with 150mgs of Wellbutrin a day. Tonight (when I'm done sending this question) I start 150mgs a ...

Posted 18 Jan 2013 2 answers

Wellbutrin XL Honeymoon?

Hello. I have been on 100mg of zoloft for awhile but was tired all the time and had no energy. Helped anxiety though. My dr added 150 mg of wellbutrin 2 weeks ago and at first felt better than i had ...

Posted 13 Dec 2012 1 answer

Has anyone ever had any kind of psychotic reaction to Wellbutrin?

I was on Zoloft for about three years for anxiety and was switched over to Wellbutrin last week. There is a huge difference. Besides the very vivid dreams, I am feeling very lethargic and fuzzy ...

Posted 13 May 2013 3 answers

My mother passed March 28 of this year I've been on and off my celexa?

I think I'm going to just stop taking them this will be my third time stopping them. I'm tired I want to try and work it or myself tired of taking meds. What do you think?

Posted 4 Jul 2013 2 answers

Impact of Lexapro and Wellbutrin Together As One Ages?

I am now 66. When I was about 60 I started to take lexapro (10-15 mg.) and wellbutrin (300 mg.) together. For a number of years they combatted depression very well. Recently I have been in a down ...

Posted 11 May 2013 1 answer

I am 27 years old and currently taking 100mg Wellbutrin (generic) twice daily. First question, I?

... spent a week in a psych ward receiving 100 once daily prescribed by the hospital psych. Now that I am seeing a new psych in a huge mental health group, after reviewing my history of depression he ...

Posted 6 Jun 2013 3 answers

Back ache with Wellbutrin?

I just picked up Wellbutrin 150 mg today. There's 14 tab, My doctor wanted me on 150 for two weeks and then she plans to double the dose to 300 mg I believe. I took my first pill today and I ...

Posted 9 May 2013 1 answer

Wellbutrin - once you start to take an anti depressant,do you have to keep taking it for years?

I am taking wellbutrin because I feel depressed but I wan to know if this medicine will make the depression go away or does it just make you feel better as long as you take it?how long do I have to ...

Posted 22 Apr 2013 2 answers

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