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Are there withdrawal symptoms associated with discontinued use of pantoprazole?

I was taking the medication for over a year. I've been off of it about 4 days and I am dizzy and nauseas. I called my doctor and am waiting for a new prescription.

Posted 3 Jan 2014 1 answer


Can someone please tell me is zoloft worth it? Dr wants me to try it again?

I was on it for a week but it made me feel funny and alittle dizzy and since I have meiners it makes me nervous. I stopped it but dr says try it again and give it more time. Please if anyone has any ...

Posted 22 Nov 2013 6 answers

I was started on Cozar 50 mg and Indapamide 2.5 mg 5 days ago. My BP has fallen to 122/72?

I feel slightly sick and getting up from lying slightly dizzy though my BP only falls by 3 or 4 mm. Which of these medications will be causing my symptoms? Should I halve the Indapamide?

Posted 10 Jan 2014 1 answer

Implanon - has anyone else had these symptoms from been on the implant?

Hi I'm tammi, im on the implantnn my boobs are really sore n little bigger and I felt faint dizzy few days ago and Iv got trapped wind and constipated but I'm lys constipated lol I took ...

Posted 22 Dec 2013 2 answers

Meniere's Disease - I am having loud tinnitus, usually precursor to vertigo attack It has gone on?

... over a week with no vertigo, loudness persisting . My greatest problem is that I am profoundly deaf in left ear, so this is making me functionally deaf

Posted 13 Dec 2013 1 answer

Will zofran help dizziness?

I've been dizzy today. Wonder if zofran will help.

Posted 1 Sep 2013 1 answer

Good morning all I have a question my mom has a pacemaker and is having pain under her arm up to?

Under her arm to her arm pit on the side the pacemaker is she has been getting dizzy and has a bad headache would appreciate any advice hank you in advance sweet freinds have a beautifully blessed day

Posted 21 Nov 2013 5 answers

How long does it take for trazodone to reach a steady state?

I'm been taking 50mg of trazodone for about two weeks-I sleep well, but wake up a couple of times during the night but I still wake up feeling tired, dizzy and a little sick to my stomach. ...

Posted 28 Nov 2013 1 answer


Does anyone else have Meiners Disease?

I feel like I'm the only one that has this condition. It's like vertigo.

Posted 8 Dec 2013 1 answer

I have been on Sronyx for two months and had unprotected sex 7 days ago?

Two days after the up sex I started to feel really lightheaded/dizzy and very nauseous. I have a shortness in breath and am extremely thirsty ALL the time! Could this be because I am pregnant or have ...

Posted 11 Nov 2013 2 answers

I took clindamycin for 6 days twice a day 300 MSG, I stated getting lightheaded then full blown?

... dizziness I stopped taking it ,, I was diagnosed with menieres four years ago and have been fine till I took the drug now I feel like crap what should I do the vertigo is worse and I have ...

Posted 28 Nov 2013 1 answer

My dad has headaches aall the time. They often make him dizzy. Doctors can't figure out what it?

... could be. It worries me. He does take lots of medicine and has a pace maker n heart problems. Any help on what it could be

Posted 3 Dec 2013 3 answers

On my meclizine prescription it says to take 1 pill (25mg) 2-3x daily as needed. What does that mea?

I have had several episodes of vertigo, last one pretty severe. Room spinning very fast for about a minute. These have happened over the last 6 months.

Posted 30 Oct 2013 1 answer

I have a prescription for Meclizine 12.5mg that I took in fall of 2010. Vertigo is back?

would it hurt me to take this medication that I got in fall of 2010 to treat vertigo that I have experienced the past few days? Medication has been kept in dark and dry place and seems ok. Just want ...

Posted 23 Oct 2013 2 answers

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