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Vertigo Questions

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Is it ok to take mediclize before I feel the vertigo start?

I get it really fast, without any warning. i can start lauging to hard, singing to hard, just walking in a moderate pace, get a head injury from hitting my head on a cabinet corner, getting ...

Posted 19 Mar 2015 0 answers

I've had diarreah for 6 days. I've been pushing fluids and a little food but today I am dizzy?

I'm getting worried. What could it be and should I go to the doctor? 2 1/2 weeks ago I started a new medication.

Posted 11 Mar 2015 2 answers

Husband has A-Fib, when blood pressure drops very low what should I do ?

He was dizzy, checked Bl Pressure it was low 72/35 p: 83 Had a stent put in heart, on High Bl pressure meds. Also on Bl thinners, not sure if I should give aspirin. I did give him broth and it ...

Posted 28 Feb 2015 1 answer

Plan B One-Step - I had protected sex but the condom got stuck inside of me, we left and got the?

... plan b pill I took it right then in the car not even ten minutes after, the next day I had a sore throat and a couple of days later I was dizzy, nausea, I threw up once and I had a horrible ...

Posted 27 Dec 2014 1 answer

Dizziness due to anxiety? I don't feel anxious though?

Nine yrs ago I was put on cymbalta 20 mg.for this.It worked pretty well but last year it stopped.I have been tested for all other dizzy problems, all ok.My dr.put me on generic cymbalta 20 mg. Helped ...

Posted 30 Dec 2014 5 answers

My husband take 75mg.hydralazine4×day make him very dizzy. Bloodpressure148\50 is there anothere?

... med.he could take that is egual to this one? He has kidney disease

Posted 17 Mar 2015 0 answers

I am taken xareltofor dvt my periods r terrible I'm also in lots of adominal pain also feel dizzy?

... and faint is this normal as I didn't have period for about 4 months then all of a sudden it's gushing again bit worried as the dizziness and feeling faint does not feel good

Posted 1 Mar 2015 2 answers

Xarelto - Does anyone experience panic attacks in their sleep?

Since I've been on xarelto (about 3 months) I have woken up.a number of times dizzy and I can't breathe. It scares me. It doesn't happen during the day. The only thing other that is I ...

Posted 29 Jan 2015 2 answers

I had my period A week before my shot & I had sex after the shot am I pregnant ?

I had my period a week or two before my shot , after I got my shot I had sex & my boyfriend cumed in me .. How long does the shot take to kick in ? Am I pregnant I get dizzy a lot also.

Posted 3 Mar 2015 1 answer

If I developed vertigo due to prolonged bedrest, will it go away once Im mobile again?

due to self immobilization i developed vertigo, the dizzyness and nausea are horrible, im wanting to know if i became mobile again will the vertigo correct itself

Posted 1 Mar 2015 1 answer

The effects this drug has for a 83 year old female?

she was taken to doctor for not eating and complaning her legs and feet hurt all the time. Also felt sick to her stomach and dizzy when standing. She's been sleeping all the time. Her symptoms ...

Posted 23 Feb 2015 1 answer

Duexis - How long does it take for the dizzy symptoms to wear of. I started these pills a week ago?

... now I have head spinning dizzy spells out of nowhere. I just randomly get dizzy spells now even if I just tilt my head or stand up.

Posted 23 Feb 2015 0 answers

When doing the vertigo exercises like laying down onside with the neck at an angle I get very very?

... dizzy on my right side. Does that mean it's on right side and should I do the left side also?

Posted 21 Feb 2015 1 answer

What are the long term effects of using prednisone?

My father has been taking prednisone 5mg for RA for many years. He also takes methotrexate and Remicade. He has been experiencing very severe episodes of vertigo and spikes in blood pressure that ...

Posted 6 Mar 2010 4 answers

Can I take Garcinia Cambogia along with Baclofen and Coreg? I also take Vitamin B12b &?

and ginger root supplement ( for nausea from vertigo).

Posted 18 Feb 2015 0 answers

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