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Effexor XR - Does the yawning go away? Why am I so tired and have depressive episodes?

Sorry if this has already been answered..I'm not used to q&a forums really. (Providing a lengthy info) I am a 22 year old female. I was first prescribed venlafaxine a couple months ago for ...

Posted 18 May 2014 5 answers

Can I take Venlafaxine and Wellbutrin together? I have taken these drugs at different in the past?

I read a review on this site from someone who found that adding wellbutrin to venlafaxine was helpful. I've been extremely depressed, as in doing nothing, even activities that are extremely ...

Posted 22 Oct 2014 5 answers

My pharmacy just switched my effexor xr 75 mg to this generic--venlafaxine HCL 75mg - Is this ok?

For the several days I have takent the new one venlafaxine, I have been extremely dizzy. I have often had low levels of "vertigo" but this is off the cahrts. Could it be caused by this med ...

Posted 2 Aug 2010 17 answers

Venlafaxine and zopiclone query?

Hi i am currently on a reduced dose of venlafaxine after having a terrible reaction from an upped dose of 225mg... my original dose which i was on for over a year 180mg i did'nt feel was working ...

Posted 10 Dec 2015 0 answers

I was put on venlafaxine xr(effexor xr) in September 2014. Am also on clonapin 2xd. I still feel?

... panicky and anxious a lot. Cold effexor xr be causing this

Posted 16 days ago 4 answers

Zoloft 200 mg/Depression Treatment?

Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone could give me an estimated time on how long it took Zoloft to work for them.. I have been on celexa & venlafaxine (effexor) and neither worked.. Still ...

Posted 2 days 19 hours ago 2 answers

Venlafaxine (Effexor)?

I have been taking Effexor for 8 weeks now. Haven't necessarily been depressed, just a lot of anxious thoughts/OCD obsessive thoughts A LOT. Still.. It's my second AD (anti-depressant) and ...

Posted 12 Jan 2016 4 answers

Venlafaxine - Is 37.5mg xr a low starting dose for depression?

My wife was just prescribed 37.5mg yesterday to take for 1 week and then will be bumped up to 75mg. My question is does this seem like a particularly low starting dose? She has taken venlafaxine ...

Posted 18 days ago 4 answers

Finger joints hurting for couple of months?

My finger joints have been hurting for going on two months. Went to Dr last month blood work came back normal for arthritis, ra, gout, Lyme thyroid issues. All my medicines venlafaxine, pravastatin, ...

Posted 2 days 11 hours ago 1 answer

Venlafaxine - Vanlefexine (75 mg) Usage?

Hi; I have been using Vanlefixine 75 mg for anxiety disorder since last year (I am 32 yrs old, farily big and muscular)). The main reason I started using it is cause of insomnia. I belive it was ...

Posted 11 Jan 2016 5 answers

Venlafaxine - Do most women suffer with decrease in libido while taking this medication for hot?

Decrease in libido while taking this medication for hot flashes

Posted 17 days ago 2 answers

I was recently taking venlafaxine to treat hot flashes however they just too bad and affected my?

... daily life. I started the combo patch oh Friday and stop taking venlafaxine. The hot flashes have increased a lot. How long does it take for the patch to work. I feel like I am in a constant heat ...

Posted 9 days ago 0 answers

Coming off venlafaxine?

Hi, ive been on venlafaxine sr for about 1 year, also metazapine 30mg, Palexia 100mg, Naproxen 1000gm and panadeine fortes2, 3x per day. I had gotten up to 300mg a day of venlafaxine but i have been ...

Posted 13 days ago 0 answers

Can anything be done to prevent very heavy night sweats that are disturburbing sleep?

My daughter is on 150mg of venlafaxine and takes this in 2 doses about 8am and 4pm - she has terrible night sweats that wake her up - she gets wringing wet and sometimes has 2 showers a night. The ...

Posted 13 days ago 0 answers

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