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Am I legally responsible for things I did because of the side effects of Trileptal?

I was put on trileptal and obviously had some adverse reactions! I was suicidal and obviously did some other things out of my character. Some of this is supposedly on tape. I don't remember much ...

Posted 20 hours ago 1 answer

Is trileptal used to treat adolescents with adhd odd and mood swings?

child is diagnosed with adhd, odd, depression, anxiety

Posted 5 Oct 2014 1 answer

I have Bipolar and. I am on Abilify, Prozac and Trileptal. I have gained 104 lbs. My Psychiatrist?

... refuses to change any of my meds again as I have finally become a balanced person without experiencing anymore episodes. This after a long, long journey of trial and error. I'm finally free ...

Posted 5 Sep 2014 5 answers

Seizures - Hello, I started taking Keppra for epilepsy last Monday. I'm switching from Trileptal to?

... Keppra. I also had an aorta bypass surgery when I was a child and I have a bicuspide aorta. Three days ago I started feeling strong palpitations in my back where the scar form the surgery is. ...

Posted 26 Sep 2014 0 answers

Side Effects of Trileptal?

Our 16 yr old daughter is showing some VERY odd behavior since she has been on the Trileptal. She is on 300mg X2 a day. She has been on this medication since 2/23/14. She is spacing off into left ...

Posted 22 Mar 2014 4 answers

If Tenex is a bood pressure medicine how is it given for ADHD?

My son just started tenex for adhd & is also on focalin & trileptol. How does it not mess with his blood pressure? He is almost 8 years old

Posted 24 Mar 2014 1 answer

Trileptal - My 14 yr old son will be starting Tripetal for partial seizures. He is very atheletic?

... and is worried that he will no longer be able to compete. Is there any suggestions/advice for us? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jolene

Posted 6 Mar 2014 1 answer

Bipolar Disorder - my Mother n law has BD and she is 83 and has been taking Trileptal for over 5?

... years now and it has seemed that isn't working well now. She gets something on her mind and can't let it go. She is physically fit and she has had mental disorders all her life. She was ...

Posted 25 Jan 2014 1 answer

Does anyone with Epilepsy have experience with Trileptal aka Oxcarbazepine?

I have a friend with Epilepsy for 45 years. She's been taking Tegretol for about 30 years. It helps but she still gets 3 to 5 seizures a month. She went to a new Doc who wants her to take ...

Posted 25 Nov 2013 5 answers

My 12 year old son is taking Trileptal. He has a symptom of a recessed penis. Is this a side-effect?

After taking Trileptal for a month my 12 year old son has a symptom of a recessed penis. Is this a side-effect of Trileptal?

Posted 31 Dec 2013 0 answers

Is trileptal safe for a small 7 yr old weighing 39 lbs. he has oppositional defiant disorder & ADHD?

and is emotionally impaired. His psychiatrist wants to put him on risperdal but I don't feel comfortable with this. Any suggestions for the oppositional defiant disorder? Or is trileptal a good ...

Posted 12 Nov 2013 1 answer

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