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Should you eat healthy in order to lose weight on topamax?

Hi, Im new to topamax and started it today I am aware that a common symptom is weight loss. From what I understand the weight loss is caused by lack of appitite so that makes sense of course you ...

Posted 15 Oct 2014 4 answers

Topiramate - How Long Does it take for Topamax to Start Working for Migraines?

Hi, I have only been taking Topamax for about 3 weeks (25mg AM and 50mg PM). I haven't even really had many bad side effects either. Some dizziness in the beginning, but not too bad. I also take ...

Posted 10 Nov 2014 2 answers

Topiramate - Hi, I hear the generics are not as effective as the brand name for Topamax. Has anyone?

... taken the generic and had successful weightloss? If yes, what generic brand was it?

Posted 7 days ago 1 answer

My doctor raised my topiramate from 100 to 200 mg , 100 in the morning and 100 at night at once . I?

I think this is a lot . I have had migraines for over a year . They were getting better but now worse. I called the doctor and his nurse said the indicated to now take 100 mg in the morning and 100 ...

Posted 13 days ago 0 answers

Topiramate and pregnancy?

Hi im currently taking topiramate due to IIH and migraines, im on 75mg morning and night i have the tingling side affect and the memory loss/confusion... but what i really want to know is if anyone ...

Posted 1 Nov 2015 3 answers

Belviq better than topiramate?

I had a terrible experience taking topiramate, (brutal side effects so had to stop) but was amazed at how it cut my appetite and lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks. I want to try belviq and see if it might work ...

Posted 22 Oct 2015 0 answers

Can Topiramate 100mgs cause you to feel like everything is shaking around you?

I have been taking Topiramate 100mgs for about 2 months now, and I have noticed that it makes me tremor. I started with 25 mgs./day and progressed weekly until i was at 100 mgs/day. At first when I ...

Posted 24 Oct 2015 0 answers

Has anyone had problems taking topiramate for weight loss?

I'm working with a weight loss doctor. He's got me on topiramate and phentermine. He started the topiramate at a very low dose and has gone up on it. I'm now on 100 mg 2x a day. It has ...

Posted 11 Sep 2015 1 answer

Can you take topiramate and gabapentin?

I have bilateral neuropathy and my ulna nerve is damaged to.

Posted 18 Sep 2015 3 answers

Topiramate - I tried Topamax twice but each time I only stayed on it for a week or two. I would?

... start feeling irritable and depressed so I quit taking it. Is that normal side effects and will they go away if I stay on it longer?

Posted 21 Sep 2015 2 answers

Why am I getting severe headaches when taking predrisone?

I am taking 50 mg of Topiramate to try and help with migraines which hasn't worked over the past 10 weeks. I recently started taking 20 mg of predirsone each morning for 5 days to see if it ...

Posted 21 Sep 2015 2 answers

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