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Should you eat healthy in order to lose weight on topamax?

Hi, Im new to topamax and started it today I am aware that a common symptom is weight loss. From what I understand the weight loss is caused by lack of appitite so that makes sense of course you ...

Posted 9 days ago 2 answers

Do I continue to take my medications or will it hurt to take them while going through a surgery?

81mg. Aspirin 1pd 25mg. Topiramate 2pd headaches 10mg. Fluoxetine 1pd mood 50mg. Losartan 1pd. BP

Posted 28 Sep 2014 4 answers

Has anyone lost weight on topiramate (topamax) while taking klonopin 0.5, abilify 5mg and 20prozac?

Hi, I've been on several meds over the last ten years for depression/anxiety/bipolar.and now my doctor has put me on topiramate 50 mg. Today is my sixth day. I have taken the 50 mg for 5 days ...

Posted 24 Aug 2014 0 answers

Is Topiramate used for Parksinson or shaking?

I have uncontrollable shaking of the right hand and arm and foot. They were unable to diagnose Parkinsons so they gave me Topiramate. The Topiramate has not helped much. I have noticed nervousness ...

Posted 18 Aug 2014 1 answer

Topiramate - Will this medication help with blood pressure?

Will topiramateHelp lower your blood pressure.If so what would be the dosage for a person of average height 200 pounds.Blood pressure range in 163 over 100.Thank you

Posted 26 Jul 2014 1 answer

Can I take Lyrica along with Topiramate?

Posted 19 Jul 2014 2 answers

I take Clonazepam 1 mg 4day Sertraline 50mg 1 aday Topiramate 50mg 6day r they safe 2 together?

i have Epilepsy and have just found out after 3 years that 2 of the drugs i was taking I shouldn't have never been taking together so now once again I'm having to have my meds. changed . ...

Posted 15 Jul 2014 0 answers

Migraine Prevention - Can anyone convince me that Topiramate works for migraine sufferers?

As a migraine sufferer for far too many years, I found that the only relief came with Zomig. However, my GP is now refusing to presribe this and has suggested taking topiramate everyday as a ...

Posted 1 Jun 2014 5 answers


What is the best time to take topirmate? I just started these pills but have been taking them at night before bed. I do well during the day but between 4 - 6 I am starving!

Posted 12 Jun 2014 0 answers

Topiramate and Memory problems?

Has anyone out there completely forgotten a policy or rule you've known most of you adult life due to this drug? Like red means stop and green means go; or you can't do certain things at ...

Posted 4 Jun 2014 1 answer

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