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Should you eat healthy in order to lose weight on topamax?

Hi, Im new to topamax and started it today I am aware that a common symptom is weight loss. From what I understand the weight loss is caused by lack of appitite so that makes sense of course you ...

Posted 15 Oct 2014 4 answers

Qsymia - Is anyone taking phentermine and topiramate as two separate pills?

My dr prescribed me 37.5 phentermine and 25mg of topiramate, instead of the combo pill. Is anybody else on this or was before it became a combo pill? Today was my first day I didn't feel the ...

Posted 26 Sep 2013 3 answers

Topiramate - How Long Does it take for Topamax to Start Working for Migraines?

Hi, I have only been taking Topamax for about 3 weeks (25mg AM and 50mg PM). I haven't even really had many bad side effects either. Some dizziness in the beginning, but not too bad. I also take ...

Posted 10 Nov 2014 2 answers

Can somebody tell me why they would put a 16 yr old on 100 mg of amitriptyline?

She also takes Topiramate and levetiracetam. These meds are ostensibly for sleep and migraines, but it seems as though the dosage for the amitriptyline is kind of high. She is also hallucinating. ...

Posted 17 days ago 4 answers

I take Effexor XR and Topiramate for my bipolar. The problem I am having is when I miss just one?

Dose by the next day i am feeling the bad effects and it is not good for anyone around me. I am even aware of it so i try to be really careful and stay positive and yet it still happens. So i am ...

Posted 9 Mar 2015 4 answers

Why am I not losing apetite if Im taking phentermine/topiramate?

I'm taking phentermine/topiramate for weight loss for 5 weeks now, and all i lost was about 5/6lbs. I also take fluoxetine for depression (what I was told it would help with the loss), and have ...

Posted 5 days ago 0 answers

Topiramate - Do the side effects wear off over time?

I started on 25mg at night for migraine prevention & tolerated that well for the first week. However, when I began 25mg in the morning as well (50mg daily total) I became spaced out, forgetting ...

Posted 16 days ago 1 answer

Is it possible for a lower dosage of topiramate to prevent migraines?

I am on amitriptyline 25 mg and topiramate 50 mg nightly for migraine prevention. According to my neurologist there's no chance that 50 mg could be helping me at all, but I'm also on ...

Posted 9 days ago 0 answers

Does haldol make you gain weight?

Dr wants me to try it to slow my racing mind (mania). Currently taking gabapentin quentipin topiramate clolazapin

Posted 5 Mar 2015 2 answers

Topiramate - Is it better take the dose in the morning or evening?

My doctor described it for weight loss and my margarine at night. If I take the pill at night will help crave my appetite during the day

Posted 27 Feb 2015 1 answer

Is the absorption of epilepsy drugs affected when given via a pej?

Epilim , Lamotrigine and Topiramate given via pej. Seizures have worsened since peg changed to pej

Posted 26 Feb 2015 1 answer

Medicine - I am taking topiramate for my seizures and I have fiund out that I have many of the side?

... effects of it. I dont know whether to put up with it or to ask my doctor for a safer med. I have not had any seizures in about 8 yrs

Posted 24 Feb 2015 1 answer

Topamax - I developed a large kidney stone and had it remove. I never have had kidney stones and no?

... one in my family have had kidney stones. I took the drug Topiramate for my Seizure Disorder. The Neurologists informed me that there was a very slight chance of developing kidney stones as a side ...

Posted 21 Jan 2015 1 answer

Has anyone experienced heart palpitations while withdrawing from topiramate? I've lowered my dose by

... 25mg every 7 days for my morn and eve dose over the last 2 weeks and still have 2 more doses left to get off of this drug and worried about the effects

Posted 9 Jan 2015 1 answer

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