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I am a woman and have been prescribed testosterone cream for low levels. do you recommend this?

I have a low testosterone level and have been prescribed a cream to use for it to be applied to my vagina area. Is this normal and do you recommend it? I kinda got a red flag when my doctor told me ...

Posted 3 Mar 2012 9 answers

Just prescribed Androgel and have been using for a week, how long until I start seeing results?

Greetings, Last week my doctor prescribed Androgel, 1%, 5mg for me because of low testosterone. I'm a 48 year old white male, 40 pounds overweight and taking meds for high bp and high ...

Posted 12 Mar 2011 7 answers

What's the best over the counter supplement for low testosterone I can't afford my prescription?

My testosterone level is 174 im35and a male

Posted 17 Sep 2013 1 answer

Is 100 mg of testosterone cypionate a month a good dosage?

My current level of testosterone is 47. Just had it check a little over a week ago. I am 47 yrs. old...

Posted 18 Jul 2011 4 answers


I have been on suboxone for about 3 years and I don't have any sex drive or not much of a man I do?

put the gel on in the morning for testosterone nothing help even Viagra doctors trying to help my question is does suboxone causes this and what can I do to stop taking the suboxone strips thanks am ...

Posted 13 Jan 2012 5 answers

Testosterone Gel...where to find cheaper prices or viable substitutes?

I am taking your Gel and love the results. However, I am in the Medicare "donut hole" and the cost of the product is prohibitive. I do not want to stop the medication so I am looking to ...

Posted 2 days 19 hours ago 0 answers

Saw palmetto and working out at gym?

A friend says saw palmetto hampers your ability to gain muscle because it blocks testosterone. Any truth to that ?

Posted 11 days ago 0 answers

Is testosterone injections 2'000 mg / 10 ml every week a high amount?

Family member is working out constantly. Also many injury s after lifting weights. Also on pain meds

Posted 20 Jun 2015 1 answer

Interaction of pde5 inhibitors on Testerone supplements?

How does Sildenafil impacts on Testeron booster supplements.

Posted 22 Jun 2015 1 answer

Testosterone therapy?

I have been taking 200mg. Of testosterone cream from compound pharmacy for two months. I have sleep apnea and use a Cpap machine. Should I continue testosterone therapy? I also take haldol and ...

Posted 14 Jun 2015 1 answer

Hi new to this, trying to find out more on males taking cabergoline, can anyone help?

me and my bf have been trying to conceive for 3 years now. after a year of investigations (NHS) my partner has finaly got a diangosis, his prolactin high and testostrone low. hes currently producing ...

Posted 2 Jun 2015 1 answer

My urologist has prescribed Megestrol 20mg tab to be taken 4 times per day to help with hot flashes?

I'm a 65yr old male with a history of hypogonadism due to blunt trauma to testicles in a fall. I also am on testosterone replacement therapy self injecting 1ml into thigh every 14 days. Can ...

Posted 4 Jun 2015 1 answer

Can I restart TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) therapy while on Harvoni?

I had to stop once HCV was discovered...

Posted 27 May 2015 1 answer

Does Angeliq deplete testosterone?

Posted 27 May 2015 1 answer

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