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Can Sucralfate/Prilosec and Sucralfate/Nexium be taken at the same time?

In the morning, I have to take Levothyroxine as soon as I get up per Endocrinologist.Then 30 minutes later, I have been taking Nexium/Sucralfate. The GE dr. did not specify timing and it's ...

Posted 19 Mar 2013 3 answers

Sucralfate - How long does it take for sucrafalate to relieve my ulcer pain?

Been taking sucrafalate for 4 days, pain is still present in my ulcer. It is near the les. Is this normal? Will it start to subside the longer I am on the medicine. Could the ulcer b too high up for ...

Posted 4 days ago 0 answers

Has anyone experienced dizziness while taking Sucralfate?

I've been on this medication (Carafate) for 2 weeks now and have had on and off mild dizziness except for just recently when I had a bad bout of it. Has anyone else experienced this?

Posted 4 days ago 0 answers

Can Sucralfate and Amoxicillin be used together?

I have had Gastritis for a couple months and am taking Protonix and Sucralfate for it, but I just got a prescription for Amoxicillin 875 mg twice a day for a week for ear troubles. I'm sure ...

Posted 1 May 2015 2 answers

Sucralfate - What does "empty stomach" mean?

Can I still drink as much water as I want before taking the tabs or am I not supposed to drink at all an hour before/after taking the pill? I'm taking Sucralfate tabs

Posted 28 Mar 2015 1 answer

Sucralfate making me feel weird, what should I do?

I've been on Sucralfate for about a month and just finished my last pill yesterday. I had went and got a new prescription last night for it. I thought all along it was helping with my gastritis. ...

Posted 11 Apr 2015 1 answer

I am having trouble swallowing the sucralfate pill. If I take the liquid instead will it irritate?

... the lining of my esophagus? I already have esophagitis.

Posted 15 Apr 2015 0 answers


Sucralfate - Other meds not working?

I take anti anxiety medications and they seem to not be working no matter when I take them (before or after the Sucralfate). Anyone else experiencing this?

Posted 7 Feb 2015 1 answer

Is it safe to take Sucralfate after meals ?

I have GERD, bile reflux and esophagus ucler. My doctor gave me Sucraflate tablet 1 g. He told me to take 1 g 2 times after meals with water. Is this a correct way to take Sucralfate because I read ...

Posted 25 Aug 2014 2 answers


Watson blue 750 pill?

Is it for ulcers? Called sucralfate with Watson 750 blue shade?

Posted 21 Jul 2014 0 answers

Does sucralfate come in a liquid?

My 78-year-old mother has to take sucralfate but has difficulty swallowing the pills. Does it come in a liquid form?

Posted 1 Jun 2013 2 answers

Sucralfate - I am experiencing a stabbing pain on the left side of my head. At first I thought it?

... was an infected ear until the pain has moved. I am not going to take the med any more but am curious if anyone has experienced this particular side effect

Posted 23 Jun 2014 0 answers

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