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How long does Suboxone stay in your system?

I took one yesterday and will possibly have to take a drug test for a job I really need, and that is the only one I have took in a long time. So will it show up or how long does it take to get out of ...

Posted 3 Oct 2011 8 answers

Urgent..drug test tomorrow: Will Suboxone show up?

I just found out today that my physician is requiring me to take a drug test tomorrow in order to get my prescription for oxycodone. I have been taking suboxone on and off for the last 4 1/2 months ...

Posted 14 Dec 2010 5 answers

Do people really take suboxone to get high?

I don't mean to sound to ignorant of the facts. People do sell this stuff on the street, right? Now, those of us taking for reasons we know of, also know after a while it fills the receptors. ...

Posted 7 Nov 2011 5 answers

How long does it take Suboxone to wear off before I can take my percocet again? I only took 20 mg?

... over the course of 2 1/2 days. Anyone have any idea how long I should wait? I don't want to waste them. Thanks, Lillypurp

Posted 29 Sep 2010 8 answers

Are Xanax (Alprazolam) and Suboxone safe to take together... are there any adverse side effects?

I'm currently taking 3mg of Xanax daily for my anxiety disorder, and have an opiate addiction to OxyContin. My doctor wants to give me Suboxone to get off the OxyContin and I've heard that ...

Posted 18 Jul 2009 39 answers

How long does dilaudid stay in your system?

I have two questions... I have been taking suboxone for almost two weeks to come off of dilaudid (hydromorphone). I had stressed to my doctor my concerns about becoming addicted to them. My body had ...

Posted 31 Jul 2011 4 answers

Can you drink alcohol when you are taking suboxone?

My boyfriend has been on suboxone for 3 weeks, what will happen if he drinks beer? Will it be ok?

Posted 13 Aug 2011 3 answers

I recently have failed a drug test for Methamphetamines, What could have made a false positive?

I have been taking drug tests for 4 years now and I have never failed for Methamphetamines. I take Suboxone 12mg/day, Adderall 20mg 2xday, Albuterol Aerosal as needed, Albuterol Sulfate as needed, ...

Posted 8 Apr 2011 4 answers

How long after taking suboxone can you take oxy?

I have been on suboxone at 8-12 mg for 3 n a half months and i need to know how long until i can take an oxy cause after all I've read I'd much rather withdrawal from oxy than sub plus i ...

Posted 16 Aug 2011 4 answers

What is the proper way to use suboxone strips?

Hi all... I am wondering if I am using the sub strip correctly?? I have heard on here that some people spit out the saliva after it has dissolved... I know... gross... but it is what it is... I have ...

Posted 2 Oct 2011 11 answers

How long do I have to be off opioids before I start suboxone?

I have been taking about 5-6 Norco daily for 18 months. I would like to try suboxone, but I am worried about how long I have to go without Norco before starting suboxone. Thanks

Posted 26 Jul 2011 5 answers

How can I get off suboxone without withdrawaling?

I know it sounds a little dumb to be thinking it's somehow possible to get off the suboxone without withdrawaling but I truly need to. In the beginning before I started taking it, I was on ...

Posted 7 Apr 2011 11 answers


If I stopped taking norco/vicodin tonight, and started my first dose of suboxone in the morning, would it work on my withdraws that fast??? I get sick within hour's. start's off with the ...

Posted 17 Jan 2012 2 answers

How can I test positive for methadone if I've never taken it?

I took a urine drug test at a Suboxone clinic and tested positive for opiates, oxycontin, Oxycodone, and methadone. I didn't take any of these. So how is it possible for this test to show up ...

Posted 25 May 2011 7 answers

How to do a quick suboxone detox?

hello all i tried posting a question but i guess it was inappropriate? i dunno it did not end up posting I am in chronic pain due to my back and in september through december i was injured with ...

Posted 1 Feb 2012 7 answers

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