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Brown discharger? On birth control (Tri-Sprintec). What's up?

Ok, this is my 8th month of being on birth control. I have never had any side effects (including spotting between periods) that I can remember. Anyways, I became sexually active last month (we always ...

Posted 8 Dec 2011 1 answer

Tri-Sprintec - After taking the white pills, how soon should I start my period?

I am 18 years old, and I have been on Sprintec for three weeks and two days. I finished taking all of the blue/gray pills without missing any, and I just took my second white pill.I haven't ...

Posted 31 May 2011 2 answers

I've been taking the birth control Tri-Sprintec for two months now and I havent started my period?

I started taking Tri-Sprintec for two months now and I started my first period like a normal period. Well, about three weeks ago my boyfriend came inside of me and my period hasn't come yet. I ...

Posted 14 Oct 2013 2 answers

Does Ciprofloxacn effect the effective of Sprintec birth control if had Unprotected sex?

I'm on Ciprofloxacn for an infection till Monday but was wondering how fast you can get pregnant while being on Sprintect & the antibiotic? I have taken it since August after coming off the ...

Posted 5 days ago 1 answer

Stress or something more?

I am a regular birth control user, and I have been for about a year and a half now. I switched to Sprintec in March 2014 and was told by my doctor I could "tricycle" on this, hence only ...

Posted 10 days ago 1 answer

I take Sprintec- 28 day pills. My boyfriend ejaculated slightly in me because he pulled out late.?

... I've been taking the pills steadily for approximately 8 months. Is it likely that I will end up pregnant? I'm very paranoid about it

Posted 18 days ago 1 answer

Sprintec-are these side effects normal??

Sprintec - I just started my pill pack a week ago, and I am having menstrual-like cramping, but no period. I am nauseous and extremely emotional, either crying or snapping at people. Is this normal? ...

Posted 14 days ago 1 answer

Has anyone else had any bleeding during the first three weeks of their Tri-Sprintec pack? I know of?

... several people, my daughter being one of them, who have had bleeding occur during the first three weeks of the pack (on again off again throughout the 3 weeks). This has been occuring with my ...

Posted 18 days ago 1 answer

How long after u start taking sprintec pills should u expect ur period?

My doctor recommended sprintec contraceptive but my period ended on d 20/09/14 and i started d pills on d 28/09/14 he said i should expect my period this week but i avnt seen it... i'm wondering ...

Posted 30 Sep 2014 1 answer

I started taking sprintec?

just a little over 2 1/2 weeks ago on the first day of my period. The first week i was taking them every day at 6pm but this sunday I didn't take it till 10pm and I've continued this week ...

Posted 20 days ago 0 answers

I'm on Sprintec birth control, could I be pregnant?

I have been on Sprintec for 6 months and I'm on the 3rd day of a new pack. Last night my boyfriend finished inside of me, could I be pregnant? I always skip the placebos & go forward with ...

Posted 17 Sep 2014 2 answers

Chances Im pregnant?

ive been on Sprintec for 2 years, I take it every night around 8-9 and i never miss pills, ever, i make sure of it. i had sex and he came in me on the 5th of this month, the only signs ive really had ...

Posted 21 Sep 2014 1 answer

Birth Control - Is it safe to take over the counter meds while on BC?

Can I take DayQuil/NyQuil while I'm on tri-sprintec? If I can, is there a specific amount of hours that I need to take it before or after my birth control time? Also, what's the best over ...

Posted 16 Nov 2013 1 answer

Chances of pregnancy on Sprintec?

I was on the NuvaRing for over a year, but because of personal reasons I needed to switch last minute to Sprintec. I usually start my ring on Mondays, but because the pharmacy screwed up I started on ...

Posted 27 Aug 2014 1 answer

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