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Brown discharger? On birth control (Tri-Sprintec). What's up?

Ok, this is my 8th month of being on birth control. I have never had any side effects (including spotting between periods) that I can remember. Anyways, I became sexually active last month (we always ...

Posted 8 Dec 2011 1 answer

Tri-Sprintec - After taking the white pills, how soon should I start my period?

I am 18 years old, and I have been on Sprintec for three weeks and two days. I finished taking all of the blue/gray pills without missing any, and I just took my second white pill.I haven't ...

Posted 31 May 2011 2 answers

I've been taking the birth control Tri-Sprintec for two months now and I havent started my period?

I started taking Tri-Sprintec for two months now and I started my first period like a normal period. Well, about three weeks ago my boyfriend came inside of me and my period hasn't come yet. I ...

Posted 14 Oct 2013 2 answers

Sprintec and IV Antibiotics?

Last month I was down with a strain of noro virus and on a Friday I went to the ER for fluids and they gave me an IV antibiotic. The following day I got my period as normal. For the next 6 days I was ...

Posted 23 hours ago 1 answer

Is it normal that my period is longer than one week on Tri-Sprintec?

I have just completed my second month on Tri-Sprintec, however, I have noticed that my periods are quite long (8 days) and heavy. During the second pack it came on the last couple of days in the 3rd ...

Posted 5 days ago 1 answer

Tri-Sprintec - Will this pill make me gain weight?

I got put on this pill for horrible periods, and I'm very self conscience about my weight so I was just wondering all the side effects. I'm 15 if that counts for anything.

Posted 5 days ago 1 answer

I've been on tri sprintec for nine months and usually I get a normal period on time. This month I've

... had it for three times I get it for seven then stop for two then it's back again is this normal

Posted 1 day 10 hours ago 0 answers

1st month of tri-sprintec & unprotected sex during fourth pill of week?

I have been on tri sprintec for about 3weeks (4th pill on 3rd week) and during this time I had unprotected sex. Lately, I have been spotting dark brown discharge and having low cramps. While tonight ...

Posted 10 days ago 1 answer

Sprintec bith control?

I've been on birth control since november. I was first put on Beyaz for the first month, then because my doctor had heard bad things about it she made me switch to Lo Loestrin Fe. I finished the ...

Posted 16 days ago 1 answer

Birth Control - I am on sprintec 28 and I am on the Friday of my third week so right before my?

... period week. My symptoms seem to change each month so not sure what to look for each month. With being sexually active I know I am 99% protected from pregnancy but that other 1% scares me. I am ...

Posted 28 Mar 2014 2 answers

I was late taking my Sprintec birth control pill by 2.5 hours?

This was the day 6 of 2nd week of active pill. Am I still protected?

Posted 29 Mar 2014 1 answer

Birth Control - I have some very light brown spotting and this is the end of my week 3 on Sprintec?

... and I have been on it for 2 years. Is this normal for could this be implantation bleeding??

Posted 27 Mar 2014 1 answer

Will I get pregnant from starting pill late??

I started taking Tri sprintec a day after I ovulated And had sex on day 2 of taking the pill... could I still get pregnant and will I still ovulate The next month??

Posted 26 Mar 2014 1 answer

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