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Sprintec - I skipped 2 days of my period pills. the last week white pills. then had an accident the?

... first day of my new month. should i go buy plan b?

Posted 8 days ago 1 answer

I take Tri-Sprintec birth control but I accidently took the sugar pill?

It was dark in my car and I accidently took the sugar pill instead of my blue active pill. It was last pill in the pack and I just realized I had took the wrong pill this evening. As soon as I ...

Posted 8 days ago 1 answer

Sprintec and Period 5 Days Early?

I have been on Sprintec for about 1 year and a half, and have always been very good about taking the pills everyday at the same time. However, I had gotten my period five days early this month, and ...

Posted 10 days ago 1 answer

Ive been on Tri-Sprintec for about 2 months and I take them everyday at around 8pm. Im on the 3rd?

... row of pill (the last row before the white ones) so in other words thats when im suppose to ovulate? My boyfriend and i had unprotected sex and im not completly sure if he ejaculated inside ...

Posted 10 days ago 1 answer

I am currently on tri-sprintec week 4 I accident took week 3 Saturday with week 2 sunday because I?

... thought I forgot to take Saturday of week 2... I talked to my pharmacist and he said to not skip just to take Sunday pill on Saturday and today I took monday pill for today(sunday). did i do the ...

Posted 8 days ago 1 answer


Can I smoke cigarettes while I am on Birth control? and can I drink alcohol too?

I know it is dangerous for women over 35 but I am 19, can I drink and smoke while i am taking Tri sprintec? Is it that bad for my health?

Posted 15 days ago 2 answers

Tri-Sprintec - I missed my first day of my pack (Sunday) but took both pills Monday and have been?

... taking them correctly ever since. I had unprotected sex that Wednesday of the first week of my pills and now I had brown stuff in my underwear about 6 days before my periods supposed to come. and ...

Posted 4 days ago 0 answers

Can I get pregnant while on tri spintec?

I just started my fouth month of tri spintec. During the second month i wanted to skip my period all together and i started my third pack. Now on the first week of my fourth pack i am a little ...

Posted 11 days ago 1 answer

Switching from trinessa to tri sprintec?

My pharmacy has switched me from trinessa to tri sprintec, I suppose they just don't carry it anymore. However, they've given me little information other than a small typed note saying this ...

Posted 20 Aug 2013 1 answer

Hi, I have been on tri sprintec for about 7months now with no problems until now, I have been very?

hi, i have been on tri sprintec for about 7months now with no problems until now, i have been very tired for the last week, and when im hungry if i think about anything other than toast and bananas i ...

Posted 13 days ago 1 answer

First month Birth Control, got my period before placebo pills?

My doctor told me that it's now okay to first start taking your birth control pills whenever you want, you don't have to wait for your period or the sunday afterwards. After a second ...

Posted 18 Feb 2015 1 answer

Missed two birth control pills?

I missed two birth control pills in the third week of my tri sprintec pack. I took the rest of the pills like normal but had my period that week instead of the next. I continued to have some brown ...

Posted 5 May 2015 1 answer

Tri-Sprintec - I'm using the Sprintec birth control pills. Everyday, or almost every day, I take?

... them in a different hour, but only 1 or 2 hours of difference. Are there any risks of getting pregnant?

Posted 5 May 2015 1 answer


Can I take my thyroid pill the same time with the birth control pill?

My thyroid pill is Levothyroxine 100mg and I am using Tri sprintec for birth control pill.

Posted 4 May 2015 1 answer

Late one hour on one day of the first week of taking the pill and period started?

I started taking tri-sprintec (my first time ever on birth control pills) and on the third day I was one hour late. My period started the next day. It has been less of a heavy flow than my natural ...

Posted 1 May 2015 1 answer

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