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Missed first four pills of tri sprintec 28?

So I forgot to pick up my pills to start on Sunday and I missed the first four pills if the pack. I didn't start the pill til that thursday. Within a few days my boyfriend and I had sex. we did ...

Posted 6 May 2016 0 answers

Been on Sprintec BC for over a year. Have period during second week of active pills?

I'm on my second pack of just active pills and I started spotting light brown earlier this week on Tuesday. It's Saturday now and it's red and more like a normal period. I have bad ...

Posted 30 Apr 2016 0 answers

Do you have to wait a week every month to be protected on Sprintec after the placebo pills?

I'm very new to this birth control thing but it seems odd that I'd have to wait a week every single month to be protected. So there's only like a two week window where I can have sex. ...

Posted 24 Apr 2016 1 answer

Bleeding heavy 9 days before I am suppose to??

I have been on sprintec for almost 2 years with no problems, until this month. I take my pills at the same time every morning and have never missed one. Well this month. I started my period 9 days ...

Posted 2 May 2016 0 answers

Began BC pack a week late and now freaking out?

Hi so I've been on sprintec for about three years. Recently I messed up. I ended a complete pack normally, and did not have access to the next pack until a week later. I began the next pack a ...

Posted 26 Apr 2016 1 answer

What if I switched the first day of the week 4 with the last day of week 3?

I use tri sprintec and I start my new packs on Saturday's. Friday's are when the week ends so it is the last day of that color for whichever week I'm on. I was on week 3 day 7 (Friday) ...

Posted 23 Apr 2016 0 answers

Sprintec - I've been on it for 2 weeks, and always take it around the same time. But yesterday?

... I forgot to take it, can I take two pills today and continue? Or should I just use condoms?

Posted 18 Apr 2016 1 answer

Sprintec- can I switch the blue week out with a white week?

... and a row of white. Actual question: would it be ok if I took the white pills now so that I get my period this week and then take the blue pills next week? Basically can a switch the two weeks or ...

Posted 20 Apr 2016 0 answers

Sprintec - when should I worry?

Mother nature visited me on April the 1st and it stopped on the 8th. I started bleeding on the 13th and haven't stopped yet. When do I need to start worrying?

Posted 19 Apr 2016 0 answers

Decided to skip period sprintec and still bled, now on placebo pill and no I protected?

It still seemed like a regular period , but not as heavy. I'm on the 2nd day of placebo pills and no period yet. I'm wondering if I can still get pregnant. Should I start my new pack next ...

Posted 13 Apr 2016 0 answers

How long for Sprintec to take effect?

I've been taking birth control pills for about 6 plus months but just recently switched to sprintec. I decided I wanted to switch the start date of my period. I normally start my pack on a ...

Posted 3 Apr 2016 0 answers

Could I be pregnant??

I am on the last day of my period and I took my birth control (Tri-Sprintec), I haven't taken the pill for awhile since I was on my period and I don't usually take the defective white pills ...

Posted 28 Mar 2016 0 answers

Did antibiotics/pill combo throw off my period?

I finished taking 5-day antibiotics for bronchitis(sp?) on 11/2 and had my period a day early (11/4), but I was taking these antibiotics on the placebo week. I've been on Tri-Sprintec for almost ...

Posted 3 Dec 2015 1 answer

Sprintec - Starting in the middle of placebo pills?

When I first started taking Sprintec I started on Wednesday's after six months I started on Thursday's with the placebo pill. Is this normal?

Posted 6 Apr 2016 0 answers

Will getting off of this Sprintec (birth control pill) help me lose the weight I gained while on it?

I have been on Sprintec for a little over 3 months and have experienced significant mood swings and depression along with acne and significant weight gain (like 20 pounds) without a change in diet or ...

Posted 23 Mar 2016 1 answer

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