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Qsymia vs Belviq - which should I try?

I am trying to decide between taking Qsymia and Belviq. My doctor gave me both names and told me to do some research on both of them and see what my thoughts are and which one I would like to try. ...

Posted 11 Nov 2013 7 answers

Has anyone switched from qsymia to contrave? I am a 25 year old female 5'4 207 lbs and I have?

... already lost a total of 34 lbs. I was 238 lbs starting out with qsymia in June of this year and I just recentely hit a plateau. My Dr has me on the 7.59 mg and doesn't want to move me up to ...

Posted 15 days ago 0 answers

Has anyone been on qsymia and changed to contrave? What are your experiences?

I get migraines and am nervous about switching because of this and the other side effects. My doctor wants me to switch.

Posted 12 days ago 0 answers

Qsymia - Once you go off the med. do the pounds tend to go right back on?

i am nearing my goal and am concerned that the weight will go right back on after I stop the medicine. Once off does our metabolism tend to slow again. Is the drug to new for there to be a good group ...

Posted 14 days ago 1 answer

Qsymia - Do you have to be significantly overweight to start this medication?

I'm 47, 170 pounds and can't stop thinking about and indulging in FOOD! Help! I desperately need to lose 50 pounds.

Posted 3 Nov 2015 0 answers

Qsymia - Anyone else experience hair loss?

I started taking Qsymia in November 2012 and had to stop in June 2013 due to hair loss. I lost 55 lbs and was very happy with the way it helped me control my eating but losing my hair was not a side ...

Posted 8 Jul 2013 6 answers

Qsymia - I weigh 170 and I'm 4'11?

I used to weigh 106 with a26 inch waists til I had a complete hysterectomy how long would out take on Qysmia compared to phenigrin

Posted 29 Sep 2015 0 answers

Did anyone experience wt gain once qsymia was stopped?

I've been on it for almost three months and am almost at my goal weight but am nervous to get off of it because I don't want to gain it all back. And yes, I exercised and ate healthy before ...

Posted 26 Aug 2015 0 answers

Qsymia - I see some people have paid about $130/month. Can I ask what pharmacy you use?

CVS is charging me $400/month.

Posted 19 Aug 2015 0 answers

Qsymia - did any one just stop losing weight?

I have been on Qsymia for 4 months and lost 30 pounds. 3 weeks now, still taking Qsymia have not lost one pound! did anyone else experience the pills just not working all the sudden?

Posted 8 Aug 2015 1 answer

How much does qsymia cost without insurance?

Iam looking into medication that will help me with my weight loss. I currently need to lose 60lb. My dr suggested saxenda or belviqu ithink thatis how you spellit. But after doing my research I ...

Posted 28 May 2015 2 answers

Can you stay a low carb diet taking qsymia?

Posted 30 Jul 2015 0 answers

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