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Gabapentin - How bad is weight gain? Can diet help? How good for sleep and pain?

I have FMS and have been suffering from severe insomnia since Jan. 2011. I have become so ill and so limited in my ability to function that I must consider starting Gabapentin in very short order. I ...

Posted 24 May 2012 16 answers

Has anyone used Lexapro for anxiety and gained weight?

I am prescribed to take lexapro but after reading MANY reviews I see that they all involve serious weight gain. I was wondering if anyone who uses this for anxiety purposes or other have this ...

Posted 30 Jun 2010 36 answers

How long does side effects last?

ive been prescribed paxil & seroquel xr (150 mg). ive took the seroquel twice. the first time i took it the whole next day i was loopy. i work 7 to 6 during the week welding & am worried if ...

Posted 15 Sep 2009 17 answers

How long before Paxil starts to fully work?

Week 3 of Paxil 20mg. My side effects at the beginning were awful, anxiety was worse and I couldn't sleep, sit still, racing thoughts.It's slowly progressing, very slowly. But I still have ...

Posted 19 Nov 2011 3 answers

Difference between lexapro and citalopram?

I was on Lexapro for years - 20mg 1xprday. Due to the increase in cost I went back to Paxil. I'm not sure if they are really in the same family and have noticed a difference in my overall ...

Posted 11 Nov 2012 6 answers

I'm really nervous to start prozac 10mg. Any good advice before beginning this antidepressant?

I was on paxil for about three years when I felt it wasn't working anymore so I weaned off and tried to see if I could be without any medication and bam it came back worse than ever. For some ...

Posted 26 Aug 2014 4 answers

Newer med with same benefits as Paxil?

I'm new here so please be tolerant. I'll use the same manners I would use out there. Just let me know if I misstep. I stopped Wellbutrin because of the never ending jitters. I am stopping ...

Posted 5 days ago 2 answers

Paxil and Sperm?

Ok, I know this is an odd question. But my wife is allergic to Paxil, and I'm currently on it for depression. If my wife was to perform oral sex or if we have sex. Will my Paxil be in my sperm ...

Posted 9 days ago 2 answers

Paxil - Has anyone else felt less motivation?

I don't have anxiety like I did but I've noticed a huge decrease in my motivational levels. I feel like I can't concentrate and I want to quit school. Is it normal burnout or paxil ...

Posted 6 days ago 1 answer

Can I cut Paxil in half?

I was prescribed 10mg of Paxil last Friday (7 days ago). I've been struggling with the side effects and I can't stand it. I feel very restless at night and don't sleep very well and ...

Posted 29 Aug 2014 3 answers

Wellbutrin has quit working and I wondering what to switch to that is not an SSRI?

Been on wellbutrin 150XL two years now and has fizzled out. I have tried Paxil, brintellix, Prozac, and have had horrible experiences with these. Please what can I try???

Posted 13 days ago 2 answers

I have been on paxil, zoloft and now lexapro. Do they all lose their ability after time?

Hi, I was on paxil for 9 years and gained so much weight they took me off. Then I went to Zoloft. I went on that for 1 year and got my anxiety back after one year. They dose was upped to 100; then ...

Posted 17 Aug 2014 3 answers

I am about to start a very small dose of liquid Paxil. A few years ago I had a horrifying experience

... with Lexapro. Basically it caused me to have a panic attack that ended in the Emergency Room. My heart rate and BP was sky high for hours. I also tried a small dose of Zoloft two years ago and it ...

Posted 17 days ago 1 answer

What mg helps with social anxiety&genral anxiety?

Im on 10 mg Paxil for genral anxiety &social anxiety& depression that dose isn't helping at what dose should I find relif vs. Switching to yet another ssri

Posted 18 Aug 2014 2 answers

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