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Otezla - Any other products that may work?

I used this for about a week and it felt like someone was pushing my head down so I stopped taking has any one felt this side effect.and anyone no any other products scaly psoriasis

Posted 12 days ago 0 answers

Otezla - What is expense or co-pay, concerned my insurance will not pay?

The Derm I went to pretty much insisted on the Otezla

Posted 6 May 2016 1 answer

Can I take montelukast 10mg with otezla?

Posted 26 Apr 2016 0 answers

Otezla - I've been taking it for a few months. The psoriasis has cleared but nothing for the?

... arthritis. My hands, wrists and finger joints actually hurt more. Don't know if it's the medicine or I'm just getting worse

Posted 4 Jun 2014 3 answers

Can I do phototherapy while taking otezla?

I am currently taking otezla and doing phototherapy but today I burnt really bad. wondering if there was a connection between the two? Thank u Melanie

Posted 30 Mar 2016 0 answers

I'm on my 13th day of otezla and i've had psoriasis for over 20 years?

and this is the 1st medicine i have been able to try due to my age. I have always had very pale skin that burns easy but its worst now. is anyone else having this side effect

Posted 23 Mar 2016 0 answers

Otezla - Been on Ortezla 2 wks and every day diareah, how long does this last?

when will I have normal bowl movements or is this an ongoing thing while on Ortezla. What is this doing to my body?

Posted 16 Mar 2016 0 answers

Apremilast - Concerns about depression and skin cancers?

I have suffered with major depression for a long time and have also had 7 skin cancers thus far. Wondering if these conditions could be worsened by Otezla.

Posted 27 Jan 2016 1 answer

Otezla - Shoud I go back to humira?Humira worked jusr fine but I was afraid of the side effects?

The insurance approved Otezla and after being 9 days without any medication,i'm now on the eight's day of otezla.on the last two days severe pains started to rise and i'm afraid tio ...

Posted 13 Jan 2016 1 answer

Otezla - Muscle cramps?I'm on my 7 day and I'm having muscle cramps in my calves. Is this normal? I?

I'm on my 7 day and I'm having muscle cramps in my calves. Is this normal? I have migraines so it's hard to tell if my headaches now are from otezla! No nausea so far but going to ...

Posted 9 Dec 2015 1 answer

Anyone noticed any change in sexual function while on Otezla?

My issue- libido still good for my age, however orgasims are not the same. I still do have an orgasim, but it takes longer to achieve it, and when it comes, it's just not the same, physically ...

Posted 29 Nov 2015 0 answers

Is Otezla for "Severe" cases of Psoriasis?

I have "localized" Psoriasis... knees & elbows (which are bad) and i noticed i'm starting to get little patches on different parts of my body. Does anyone know if Otezla is for ...

Posted 2 Nov 2015 0 answers

Does Otezla affect kidneys?

Posted 15 Nov 2015 0 answers

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