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Otezla - Insurance providers?

After reading the reviews so far I've noticed the battle with insurance companies. Would anyone mind sharing if Blue cross PPO was one of them?

Posted 1 day 5 hours ago 1 answer

Otezla - Why do insurance companies stop covering this drug when at first they did?

It saddens me to read about the patients that were helped by Otzela for PsA only for their insurance to discontinue covering the drug!!! That is so sad! This drug is so much cheaper than biologics, ...

Posted 17 days ago 1 answer

Can I take otezla while on prograf??

Does it weaken your immune system??

Posted 7 Aug 2015 0 answers

My Derm and Rheum doctors have recommended I try Otezla for my limited plaque psorasis but I am?

hesitant because they want to stop my Soriatane for skin (discoid) lupus. Any one have this or a similar problem?

Posted 6 Aug 2015 0 answers

I have been taking otezla now for 8 days and haven't experienced any nausea or weight loss, both my?

... knees are swollen like balloons I have been on enbrel for 7 years and it stopped working. I have been on stelera, metho, humiara to no avail. Im hoping this works. Im going to mayo clinic as ...

Posted 24 Jul 2015 0 answers

Otezla - Has anyone got past the nausea after the starter pack.?

My understanding is that the side effects including the nausea subside after the starter pack when you get used to tie drug. Has this been the case for anytime and had it helped with the psoriatic ...

Posted 16 Jun 2015 0 answers

Otezla - Does this help with the itching?

I have severe psoriasis but the problem I have with like creams is it doesn't stop it from itching. I don't care if you can see it I just want to stop digging into my head and arms and legs

Posted 19 Jun 2015 0 answers

Otezla - When is the onset of side effects for most people? Has anyone had The side effects lessen?

... or disappear? I am on day 3 and having mild nausea

Posted 26 Feb 2015 1 answer

I am on my 8th day of taking Otezla and experiencing the nausea, headaches & diarrhea. I am?

... wondering if anyone has experienced sensitive eyes and vivid dreams?

Posted 13 Jan 2015 1 answer

Otezla - I've been taking it for a few months. The psoriasis has cleared but nothing for the?

... arthritis. My hands, wrists and finger joints actually hurt more. Don't know if it's the medicine or I'm just getting worse

Posted 4 Jun 2014 3 answers

Can Otezla & Remicade work together for Psoriatic Arthritis patient?

I suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis an the Remicade works fine with my joints, but not on my Psoriasis. Can I start taking Otezla?

Posted 16 Jan 2015 0 answers

Otezla - tried it for three months this summer; no luck. How did you do?

Check my history for several drugs. This year I have been experimenting with new drugs. I tried Humira but it did not work. I then tried Otezla for three months this summer. All I experienced was ...

Posted 11 Nov 2014 0 answers

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