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Nitrofurantoin - did anyone get constipation?

I am on day 5 of a 7 day course, taking 4 pills daily for cystitis. The infection seems to have Cleared however I need to finish the course. I've not been to the toilet since day 1, I'm ...

Posted 6 days ago 1 answer

Nitrofurantoin - Is Macrobid part of the penicillin family?

I have been told I have streptococcus agalactiae (10,000) and am on Microbid but I understand that penicillin is the best drug for this. Should I ask a doctor t change my medicine? I am not allergic ...

Posted 5 May 2015 1 answer

Nitrofurantoin - is nutrofurantoin mono contains any penicillin?

i had a very bad reaction to this medicine and as far as i know i am only allergic to penicillin

Posted 29 Apr 2015 1 answer

Still bleeding some after birth control and antibiotics?

I was put on Nitrofuratoin for a UTI about a month ago and am on the birth control pill Dasetta 1/35, after I finished the antibiotic I bled for about 1.5 weeks and into my inactive week. The last ...

Posted 13 Apr 2015 1 answer

Does anyone know anything about an antibiotic called Nitrofurantoin?

After being prescribed Cipro and Toviaz for a Urinary Tract Infection that spread to the bladder and ended up as a kidney infection its now been almost two weeks and I have had NO RELIEF. Went to ER ...

Posted 4 May 2012 5 answers

Nitrofurantoin - Is this used for kidney infection?

I do not have a bladder infection but doctor prescribed it for the kidney infection. But the info given with prescription says it should not be used for infections outside of the bladder.

Posted 2 Oct 2014 2 answers

Nitrofurantoin - Can nitrofurantion mcr be taken with Actigalll,urso 300mg?

Liver medicine . My liver emyzems are high

Posted 21 Feb 2015 2 answers

Nitrofurantoin - Why does nitro duration cause body aches?

I'm taking nitrofurantoin for bladder infection. Why is it causing my muscles to ache so badly?

Posted 9 Feb 2015 0 answers

Nitrofurantoin - Can the capsule be opened and the contents put in pudding?

My daughter was prescribed Nitrofurantoin Mono MCR 100mg and I was told it did not come in a liquid form. She cannot swallow capsules and the pharmacy would not check to see if the capsule could be ...

Posted 13 Jan 2015 1 answer

Can I take Azithromycin for strep throat with 1 Nitrofurantoin for Uti prevention?

Im on Azithromycin for strep throat for 5 days can i take Nitrofurantoin for Uti prevention with it?

Posted 7 Feb 2015 0 answers

Have there been any cases where Nitrofurantoin has reduced the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy?

I have had peripheral neuropathy for a number of years. I take Lyrica to fend off pain. Had a bladder scope procedure and the doctor gave me Nitrofurantoin and suddenly the symptoms of my neuropathy ...

Posted 27 Jan 2015 2 answers

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