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Neupro - How do I get discounts?

I have been using Neupro patches about 6 weeks. It absolutely is a miracle drug. However, after one prescription fill, I was/am in the "donut hole". When I had the prescription refilled it ...

Posted 15 Jun 2015 1 answer

How much do the Neupro patches cost w/out insurance?

My insurer would not approve my first 30 days and I had to pay $207 for 30 patches at CVS!

Posted 5 Oct 2013 2 answers

Neupro - How long before I notice any difference?

Am now on8 mg patch but have not noticed any difference

Posted 29 May 2014 0 answers

Did you have insomnia or depression with Neupro?

Considering Neupro patch again for RLS. Horizant caused major depression and other issues. Clonazepam not working as well now and fighting insomnia and now breakthrough RLS at night.

Posted 14 Apr 2014 0 answers

Neupro - I'm in my 2nd week of using the patch for RLS and I'm having the sleepiness side effect.?

... Will this go away the longer I use the patch?

Posted 25 Feb 2014 1 answer

Can Neupro patch be worn in a tanning bed?

Can the patch be worn in a tanning bed, and if not can you take it off while tanning then put it back on? Or time the daily patch change so that it's off for the 10-15 minutes in the tanning bed?

Posted 13 Feb 2014 0 answers

How long has neupro been on the market?

My doctor has kept me o Mirapax, to the point where I am taking 6 mg a day and it's not working at all. I need something so I can sleep enough to go to work the next day. To acutally sit down ...

Posted 9 Oct 2013 1 answer

Why has Neupro been "discontinued"?

I find it rather interesting that out of all the medications listed for Parkinsonian symptoms, it is only the Neupro... with five positive responses or enough to be rated at the higher 7.9... that is ...

Posted 25 Sep 2011 1 answer

Restless Legs Syndrome - can i take Neupro & Requip together and then withdraw from Neupro?

I am currently on Neupro 3mg patch but this is now not working so well and I have a lot of skin irritation. Would like to try Requip. Can I take both initially while I withdraw from Neupro. Any ...

Posted 31 Mar 2011 1 answer

Has Neupro been reinstated in the US?

Posted 1 May 2011 1 answer

Has anyone tried Neupro instead of Sinemet - how did it compare?

My mom has parkinson's and is taking carbadopa/levadopa and 3 anti depressents. it has altered her personality significantly. I am thinking of trying neupro for her. Can anyone using neupro ...

Posted 23 Feb 2011 1 answer

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