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Some People Can't Stomach the New 3-D Movies

Posted 8 Apr 2010 by

THURSDAY, April 8 – The new crop of 3-D movies hitting theaters are making some people sick – literally. It's not the alien creatures bleeding off the screen or half-eaten humans spit out in your direction by fierce dragons. It's just the way 3-D plays tricks on your brain, mimicking symptoms of motion sickness. The problem, if you have one, may lie in your head and, in particular, your eyes, experts note. An unlucky (or lucky, depending on your point of view) 5 percent of the population have such bad eye coordination they can't perceive 3-D at all. But if these people decide to plunk down $20 for Avatar or Alice in Wonderland, at least they won't get a headache. "In 3-D movies, your eyes have to be working together as a team perfectly. You have to have equally clear images in both eyes," explained Dr. James J. Salz, spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology and clinical ... Read more

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