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Vaginal Yeast Infection - I use monistat 7, 7 days ago for Bv. Im still having problem, itching,?

... pain on outside of my vagina, can I use monistat 7 again

Posted 28 Dec 2012 6 answers

When I urinate and some of the monistat 7 is around where I pee and I wipe it all off is that bad?

I've never had a yeast infection and this is scary. I bought Monistat 7 today. I took a shower and applied it around 2 p.m bc i couldnt takee the itching and little burning. I stayed n bed all ...

Posted 19 Aug 2013 2 answers

How long do I leave Monistat 7 in ?

does it just come out on its own or does my vajayjay absorb it ? my first time using it and I'm just confused

Posted 5 Feb 2015 2 answers

Im using monistat 7 and its my third night. Whenever I put in the application thats when it starts?

... itching really bad, but during the day its fine

Posted 20 days ago 3 answers

Used Monistat 7 cream will it come out the next morning ?

I inserted the cream before bed around 10 woke up around 9 am to pee clumps of white stuff came out not sure if it was the yeast or the cream didn't dissolve ? Please help

Posted 1 day 8 hours ago 1 answer

Monistat 7 - My cream keeps leakeing what do I do?

Ive had yeast infection for 4 months now and am pregnant almost 7 months i cant get any better used the vaginal cream for 3 days but it keeps leaking any sugestions

Posted 23 Feb 2015 2 answers

The night before I used Monistat 7. The next morning I woke up and went to the bathroom I was fine?

... and then i left for church, I came home went to pee and after i pee i went to wipe and as i look down i see like a long string of discharge but its blood, so i wiped it and i wiped some more and ...

Posted 19 days ago 0 answers

I used Monistat-1 earlier today. I know you are suppose to use it before bed but I did not think?

... there was any harm in using it during the day. Well now the ointment is leaking out. Will it still work, or can I use Monistat 7 tomorrow after washing out Monistat? Or should I wait 7 days and ...

Posted 3 Oct 2014 1 answer

Vaginal Yeast Infection - monistat 7?

So I'm taking monistat 7 and today right now is my 4th day and I got woken up but a very bad itch.! Is it normal please help

Posted 9 Aug 2014 1 answer

Itching on 4th day of taking Monistat 7?

Two weeks ago I had this light brown discharge that had yeast infection like discharge 3 days before my next period started I went to see a nurse and she told me it was just my period coming on and ...

Posted 30 Oct 2014 0 answers

I used Monistat 3 once about 2 weeks ago. The yeast infection went away and lately I've been getting

... more discharge. Can I try Monistat 7?

Posted 27 Feb 2015 1 answer

Monistat-1 - I inserted the Monistat 7 and quickly went to lay down. 30 mins went by and everything?

... was fine. But 40 minutes into just laying there the cream just gushed out of my vagina. What to do I do?! Do I remove the amount of cream that gushed out? Do I have to apply more cream for it to ...

Posted 11 Aug 2014 1 answer

Is it okay to have sex after using monistat 7 for 5 days?

I don't really feel like i have yeast infection i did before but now thats on the 5th day is it okay for me to have sex? I want to make sure that this isn't going to be bad. Immediately ...

Posted 10 May 2014 1 answer

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