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How long should I lay down at bedtime I dont sleep long maybe 3 to 5 hrs a night?

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1 Oct 2009

Since your topic refers to Monistat 7 and sleep, I'm going to assume you are asking how long you should lay down after inserting the medication. I could not find a definite time, but I would think the longer the better, otherwise some of the medication can leak out. (Do not use a tampon to keep the medication from leaking out, it will only absorb the medication)

5 hours is probably enough time for the medication to absorb at night, as long as you continue to use it for the full 7 days. If you don't get relief after 7 days, please contact your physician.

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BCINGU 2 Oct 2009

thank u very much


30 Sep 2009

Most people function better with 8 hours of sleep a night although some do fine with 6. Take a nap occasionally and try to keep your bedroom quiet and dark and that may help you sleep longer. Your eyes percieve light even when they are shut and that can keep you up or wake you up. If you have been leaving the TV on to get to sleep, try to use the radio or cds and play them very quietly. Make sure your windows have dark covering.

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