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I was just prescribed tramadol, flexeril, and phenergan for my migraine headaches. Has anyone else?

... used these medications to relieve migraines? I have debilitating migraines and I've tried every medication used specifically for this condition. To name a few... Imitrex, Frova, Treximet, ...

Posted 24 Jun 2011 25 answers

Maxalt-MLT - Can I take expired maxalt?

The expiration date says 09/2012.

Posted 26 Nov 2015 0 answers

I have recently switched from brand name Maxalt, to generic rizatriptan. I find the rizatriptan?

... VERY different in many unpleasant ways. Is anyone else having these problems? The generic I have used is made by Breckenridge Pharma - maybe other ones are better?

Posted 29 May 2013 5 answers

Can you ask the pharmacy for the MLT version if your doctor wrote for regular Maxalt?

Wasn't sure there was a difference between Maxalt and Maxalt MLT until I went to take it.

Posted 7 Aug 2015 3 answers

Which is stronger, maxalt or sumatriptan?

Which medication is stronger for migraine headaches: maxalt 10 or sumatriptan succ 100 mg?

Posted 21 Nov 2014 1 answer

Maxalt - The symptoms like make you tired?

Did this medication make u sleepy and was is unbearable to keep ur eyes open? I have 1 yr old at home and worried this medication will make me extremely tired??

Posted 1 Apr 2015 2 answers

What are real user complaints on usage ( side effects ) of Maxalt ? Thanks?

I used Imetrex 13 years ago and got palpitations , tingling in chest and anxiety. I stopped and never used a trip tan since . I suffer from monthly 3 day migraines and now need rescue abortive meds ...

Posted 2 Feb 2015 1 answer

How does one correct the problem of daily rebound migraines from the daily use of Maxalt?

My daughter, age 29, suffers from daily migraine headaches that I believe stem from her daily use of Maxalt (or whatever "triptan" she has currently been prescribed). The triptan class of ...

Posted 7 Aug 2014 3 answers

Migraine - Has anyne tried Rizatriptan(generic for Maxalt- one tablet dose dissolved under tongue)?

... ANY Bad side affects. I have this but I was hesitant to try it as I usually am with new meds

Posted 15 Oct 2013 4 answers

Rizatriptan - Is Generic Maxalt as effecive as the brand name?

I have used Maxalt in the past and is a life saver. I have been suffering a bad migraine for 2 days and this morning called in my doctor to please prescribe Maxalt. But what i got was the generic ...

Posted 25 Feb 2014 3 answers

Is it ok to take Maxalt and then exercise? Any side effects?

Daughter is a college athlete and has been prescribed Maxalt for her headaches. Wondering if there are any side effects to watch for if taking Maxalt before a exercise work out?

Posted 9 Feb 2014 3 answers

Can I take Maxalt for my migraines if I am taking Cymbalta?

I was recently given cymbalta for back pain - it worked very well and even helped my aching joints Side effects that I experienced were migraine headaches, eye pain and light sensitivities. I would ...

Posted 18 Aug 2012 4 answers

I see that Maxalt will be generic in 2012 but do not see exactly when. It there a definite date?

I am on medicare and am deciding which supplemental insurance to go with. The determining factor is the cost of Maxalt. W/O insurance I cannot afford the Rx. Having Maxalt go generic would make all ...

Posted 30 Oct 2012 3 answers

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