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I have 3rd stage lyme disease , I have the ticks. No one believes me. Is there a special test elisa?

??? So I can show my family I have been infected. My mother thinks I made the whole thing up. I could not walk numbness all the signs and my doctor said lyme disease is only up north. I live in ...

Posted 14 Jan 2014 1 answer

Hey Guys great website how does one wean off risperdal 2mg's & switch over to Neudexta ?

the risperdal is 1mg in AM followed by 1 mg. in PM. Have been on risperdal for 8 years. I have chronic Lyme which produces inappropriate laughing. Also is neudexta a serotonin & dopamine ...

Posted 27 Sep 2013 1 answer

Leg weakness,numb toes,feet,losing balance fusion L4-5?

Hi,I had back fusion in2005 on L4-5 I had curve in spine,well I think I am allergic to hardware because I have had so many problems. I had Lyme disease that NO one picked up so neurological Lyme can ...

Posted 12 Apr 2013 2 answers

I am on doxycycline for about 2 weeks for Lyme disease & my fingers& toes tingle a lot along feelin?

In my feet with my left limited toe ended up blistering & peeling,still buch better than the way I felt when I came down with the Lyme disease.

Posted 8 Jul 2013 1 answer

Lyme Disease - I found out I had Lymes 1 week ago, taking Doxocycline for 21 more days. I had the?

... neck and headaches for 2 days before and after starting the meds. I work out side labor work never missed a day so when can I GO BACK TO THE GYM and go back to my normal routine or do I have to ...

Posted 14 Jul 2013 3 answers

Time length of protection antibiotics?

Lyme disease prevention is 2 doxycycline after a bite from deer tick. With frequent bites how long will one dose protect.

Posted 27 Jul 2013 0 answers

Does Zyvox work on Lyme disease?

Posted 1 Jun 2013 1 answer

I'm taking Doxycycline for Lyme's Disease and may have to take this medication for a very extended?

... period of time. I'd like to hear from others who have or are taking Doxycycline for an extended period of time. I'd also like to hear any feedback from medical professionals who have ...

Posted 31 Jan 2013 2 answers

Sertraline - Can my severe body aches be caused from my zoloft?

I have had major all over body aches for approx. 2 and a half weeks. I have been tested for Lymes disease and for arthritis and my hemoglobin and hematicrit levels are low requiring me to take iron ...

Posted 23 Aug 2012 5 answers

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