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If I have aches and pains from taking several different statins will all statins affect me?

I have now taken 4 different statins, simvastatin, pravastatin, lovastatin and atorvastatin. They all caused me muscle and joint soreness, my hands ache so bad and I seem to have lost some strength ...

Posted 2 Jul 2013 5 answers

Can lovastatin cause me to urinate more frequently?

I take Lovastatin at night and have to wake up to urinate very frequently.

Posted 8 May 2016 0 answers

Drug interaction between lisinopril, metformin and lovastatin?

I have developed a significant rash after beginning to take metformin, as I had been taking lisinopril and lovastatin for several years, with no side effects. Any research on the possible cause of ...

Posted 3 Nov 2015 1 answer

May Lisinopril 10mg be substituted for Metropolol tartrate 25mg?

also, may Lovastatin 20mg be substituted for atorvastatin 20mg for cholesterol lowering help?

Posted 27 Aug 2014 1 answer

Is the medication lovastatin safe to use?

I have been taking Crestor for years. My insurance company is now taking the full amount of the Crestor and putting it towards my deductible. Now my co-pay is the full amount of the Crestor, which is ...

Posted 18 Sep 2014 1 answer

How tired are the side effects from lovastatin do you get I'm beyond exhaustion I m thinking my cf?

... is coming back and that's bad I had cf years ago very bad put me down over 3 years then not as bad but it's back and I was just wonderingabove the axe effect tiredness how bad taking ...

Posted 6 Jul 2014 1 answer

Drug retention?

How long does it take for lisinopril and lovastatin to leave no trace in my body? I want to have blood work done with no drugs in my body to check if still needed.

Posted 19 May 2014 2 answers

Does lovastatin cause anxiety?

I'm having anxiety can it be the lovastatin? And can I just stop taking it without side effects?

Posted 27 Oct 2013 1 answer

Are Lovastatin tablets same as Simvastatin tables?

I was precribed Simvastatin tables by a doctor and Lovastation by another doctor, are both drags administered for the same purpose or in another words are they for the same purpose?

Posted 30 Aug 2013 2 answers

Why does DM type 2 cause weight loss?

There is a patient with C/o of weight loss over 1 month even though increase food intake. His medication include Nifedipine SR, Lovastatin, Acarbose, Glipizide, Salbutamol, Beclomethasone.

Posted 17 Jun 2013 1 answer

I feels as if I am going to get a cold but it never fully comes?

This has gone on for over a week now. I am taking Metformin and Lovastatin, something tells me it's the Metformin but I'm not sure.

Posted 28 Jul 2013 1 answer

Should you be taking 3 cholesterol meds at once. Lovastatin, Altorvastatin and Altoprev?

Mother-in-law is taking Lovastatin, Atorvastatin and Altoprev for high cholesterol. I am wondering if it is normal to take these three meds together or if we should talk to the doctor to see if she ...

Posted 27 Mar 2013 2 answers

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