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Should amlodipine and losartan be taken if their both for high blood pressure?

he takes 100MG of Losartan and 10 MG of amlodipine,but they are both for high blood pressure.

Posted 23 Dec 2010 3 answers

Can losartan cause weight gain?

I just started taking losartan. So far I don't think I have any side affects except made headaches from day one. I have other health problems and I don't want to gain weight. I was just ...

Posted 21 Nov 2011 4 answers

Is there much difference between Benicar HCT and Losartan?

I'm taking Benicar hct 40/25 but even with insurance it's 60.00 a month.I heard losartan was cheaper but I don't know what is the right dosage. Does anyone know if there is much ...

Posted 12 Sep 2011 3 answers

Cozaar - What are the sexual side effects of Losartan, i.e.: erectile dysfunction?

I am currently on Lisinipril and Atenolol. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I have been having problems with ED for some 7 years. Sometimes Viagra helps but certainly not most of the ...

Posted 29 Mar 2013 1 answer

Which BP Meds Don't Cause Hair Loss?

A few months ago I started taking lisinopril hctz for high blood pressure. I began to notice a bit more hair loss than usual when I shampooed, but nothing significant. However, it gradually increased ...

Posted 23 Jun 2015 5 answers

Is it a problem taking 2 verapamil instead of 1,240ml?by mistake?

I took 2 roughly around 12 15am,,now I cant sleep,,plus I take losartan in mornings,,should I still take it?

Posted 1 day 15 hours ago 2 answers

I have been taking Losartan for 8 years. I can not remember having trouble with Cozzar but when I?

... had to start taking the generics things changed. I have a persistent cough issue and also if I try to run I get extremely dizzy. I can ride a bicycle and lift light weights with no side effects. ...

Posted 2 days 16 hours ago 0 answers

I am allergic to polypropylene glycol, and propylene glycol. I found ingredients for Losartan, but?

... not sure if they are derivatives of above allergens. These are the ingrediants of Losartan: hydroxpropl cellulose, mictocrystalline celluose,lactose hydrons, preglinized starch, pregalinized ...

Posted 6 days ago 0 answers

Losartan - Can I cut the pill in half?

The Dr. has prescribed 50 mg of Losartan but I am one of those who do not like taking drugs of any kind. I told him I was willing to try at the lowest dose possible. Does it affect the drug if the ...

Posted 5 Jun 2015 1 answer

Mr partner has emphersema he takes spireva is spirolto respimat ok with this?

mypartner takes salbutom ol oxis mucodyn anthromycine amolodopine losartan spirava.are these medications ok to take with the new inhaler above. thankyou ms p l rooney.

Posted 19 Jun 2015 0 answers

Hydrochlorothiazide/Losartan - Is it okay to split Losartan/Hctz 50/12 Tabs? Am taking it for?

... high blood pressure, but lately my BP has been running low and I'm feeling light headed. Before starting to take it I was 189/106. This morning I had to come in from working outside because ...

Posted 28 May 2015 2 answers

Could a combo of meds make me overtired dizzy and confused sometimes?

I take Losartin, Verapamil, ASA Low Dose, Centrum Silver Metformin in the AM I take Allopurinol and Atorvastatin in the PM Have been taking most of these for a LONG time - over 3 years...

Posted 8 Jun 2015 0 answers

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