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How do I get off Seroquel xr - can't stand side effects?

I'm diagnosed with bipolar and ptsd - got on Lithium over a month ago and so far so good - however, the dr. added 300 mg of Seroquel xr and I'm having a terrible time with the side effects ...

Posted 5 Jan 2012 13 answers

Confused? Have low TSH so doctor is going to reduce my Synthroid, I thought it would be increased?

I have hypothyroidism for about the last 4 years thanks to Lithium. My question is that I have been on Synthroid 0.112mg (112MCG) tablets and have been doing well until recently. Had my TSH checked ...

Posted 5 Sep 2013 2 answers

What are the symptoms of low lithium levels?

I take lithium, in a combination of drugs, for Bi-Polar Disorder. In November, it was 0.4 (low). Recheck on January 28, 2015 is now 0.3 (low). Should I be experiencing any symptoms and should I ...

Posted 16 hours ago 2 answers

Lamictal + Abilify?

I'm 46- dealt with depression my whole life and at 19 had a psychotic break/manic episode and then diagnosed BP 1. I refused to take the lithium that was prescribed to me and had 3 more complete ...

Posted 6 days ago 1 answer

9 Year old daughter to start lamictal?

My daughter (9 years old) has tried 4 different anti-psychotics and is currently taking lithium. She is going to start lamictal very soon. She is diagnosed as cyclical bi-polar, psychotic disorder ...

Posted 8 Jan 2015 3 answers

Please do you know anyone who has successfully recovered from depression after years on lithium and?

... was able to stop lithium and get back to a normal life?

Posted 6 Jan 2015 2 answers

Borderline Personality Disorder - Lithium ?

I have been prescribed lithium carbonate for BPD and Bipolar II features. Wondering how it has been experienced for relieving symptoms. I have also been doing CBT therapy. I am worried about side ...

Posted 19 Dec 2014 4 answers

Anyone take zyprexa?

my sister is bipolar and she was on lithium but didnt like it cause it made her like a zombie all the time and all she did was sleep. her dad told her dr he wants her to basically be that way again i ...

Posted 16 days ago 1 answer

Have taken lithium for over 25 years prescribed after one manic episode?

After counselling for breast cancer my therapist asked when me when was I really happy.This unexpected question made me realise that nearly all of the time under the influence of this drug,my life ...

Posted 6 Jan 2015 2 answers

Lithium - how long does it take?

been on lithium for 3 weeks, feel no different and still have suicidal thoughts how long does it take to work?

Posted 29 Sep 2014 5 answers

Borderline Personality Disorder - Medication to treat obsessive thoughts/ behaviours in BPD>?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had a positive experience with any medications in order to relieve obsessive thought/ behavior patterns related to BPD. I have been prescribed lithium for my ...

Posted 22 Dec 2014 2 answers

Lithium for bipolar 2?

Hi I've been prescribed lithium for adult ADHD and bipolar 2 since begin on it things have been fine but I have suffered cystitis for the past month has any 1 else suffered this on lithium is ...

Posted 17 Dec 2014 1 answer

Lose weight gained on Depakote?

Starting from the beginning, I went to college in August 2012 and lost 30 pounds just from walking around campus through the semester even though I was eating my way through a depression. I was in ...

Posted 23 Nov 2014 3 answers

Carbamazepine for bipolar?

My husband was on lithium . Since it was no longer working (my husband decreased the dose himself) the doctor changed it to 200 mg carbamazepine morning and night. I would like to know how well this ...

Posted 10 Dec 2014 1 answer

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