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I have to cut my Lamictal in half and am finding it difficult to do without?

it breaking/crushing. Any ideas or suggestions?

Posted 23 Jan 2014 4 answers

I started taking lamictal 4 days ago for type2 bipolar and have started feeling more depressed?

grumpy, and irritable than I usually ever did. Do these side effects usually go away?

Posted 20 Jan 2014 3 answers

Lamictal Advice really need some guidance on increasing dosage in a depressive state?

I have cyclothymia and until about 4 months ago I would normally experience between 1-2 depressive states every 5-6 weeks. the depressive states typically lasted 3-5 days. i started out taking ...

Posted 14 Jan 2014 5 answers

Which medication is best for seizure disorder Lamictal or Keppra with least side effects of aggitat?

I am taking Keppra tha is controlling the seizures but causing aggitation to the point of taking another medication, Abilify.

Posted 28 Jan 2014 1 answer

Important Lamictal question. Intense feelings never felt before taking this medication?

I have been previously diagnosed (for years) with depression and anxiety and have been on various meds for them, some helping better than others, although I never found the right one. I recently ...

Posted 28 Dec 2013 5 answers

Can Lamictal cause depression???

If you're already severely depressed when the Dr. gives it to you? In other words, Is Lamictal a good medicine for depression? I'm now thinking NO; Started taking 10-22-13 (17) days ago, ...

Posted 8 Nov 2013 2 answers

Lamotrigine - is there another medicine I can take with lamictal for my stress?

I like lamictal but I am still stress & I can't take it

Posted 14 Jan 2014 3 answers

Lamotrigine - What dose of lamictal are you on (for mood stabilizer). I've worked my way up to 150.?

... I feel pretty good (also on 20mg lexapro) but I think I could feel better. I'm wondering what a 'normal' therapeutic dose is for most peeps

Posted 24 Dec 2013 4 answers

Been taking lamictal, got up to 200mg, worked great. I upped my dose to 325, not working as well?

I've been taking lamictal for a while. I got up to 200 and I noticed a significant change in my moods and was a lot happier as well. I recently upped my dose and for around a week and a half I ...

Posted 16 Jan 2014 3 answers

Are the following withdrawal symtoms normal for Seroquel?

Hello. I'm on currently on Celexa 20mg, Klonopin 1mg/3x a day & was on Seroquel 200mg at night. I was abruptly taken off Seroquel and was given Wellbutrin 100mg/2x day & Lamictal ...

Posted 16 Jan 2014 1 answer

I was taking Lamictal for over 20 years. Then I was switched to generic. Now I still have seizures,?

... anxiety, mood changes, itchy skin, wild dreams and more. I've tried just about every medicine there is. What other alternatives are there?

Posted 18 Jan 2014 1 answer

Can Lamictal make you manic?

I'm a 19 year old female diagnosed with Bipolar II, and I just started taking Lamictal 11 days ago on 25 mg a day. I bump my dose up to 50 mg tomorrow. While it's definitely taken the edge ...

Posted 7 Dec 2013 4 answers

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