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I was taking klonopins for anxiety and lamictal for mood disorders for 6 months. I found out I was?

... pregnant at 7-8 weeks. Unplanned pregnancy. I called my psychiatrist to let her know and her receptionist told me to stop taking my medication and when the doctor called me back the next day she ...

Posted 6 Jun 2014 1 answer

Hi Group, I have anxiety which fortunately is being handled by effexor and lamictal?

2 weeks ago went to the Dr for swollen ankle. urine and blood tests. Test indicated anemia and low thyroid levels. Donated blood 12 weeks ago and 8 weeks before than, no problem. Thyroid level big ...

Posted 12 May 2014 2 answers

Is bruising on the back of my calves considered to be a severe symptom that needs to be addressed?

I presently take geodon 1x dly 20 mg, lamictal 1x dly 200mg, vistaril 2x dly 25 mg, and celexa 1x dly 20 mg; which med is causing the bruising and is it considered a severe symptom? Should i stop ...

Posted 5 May 2014 1 answer

Is lamictal a narcotic, controlled substance or even an opiate?

I was perscribed lamictal 100mg for my severe bipolor mood swings. It helps really, but I jus want to know what catagorey lamical falls under as like opiate, narcotic and or controlled substance.

Posted 10 Jan 2013 7 answers

Lamictal working at first then stopped working?

I am bipolar spectrum rapid cycling and started on 25mg a week titrating up 25mg until I reached 75mg. I felt SO MUCH better after I reached 50mg but after being on 75 I moved up to 100 and all the ...

Posted 29 Apr 2014 2 answers

Does anybody have sexual side effect from lamictal ?

Please provide details At what doase you lamictal you feel sexual side effect Thanks

Posted 4 May 2014 0 answers

Can Lamictal cause depression???

If you're already severely depressed when the Dr. gives it to you? In other words, Is Lamictal a good medicine for depression? I'm now thinking NO; Started taking 10-22-13 (17) days ago, ...

Posted 8 Nov 2013 3 answers

I am starting fetzima tomorrow. I am bi-polar. My doctor is having me try this along with 300mg of?

... buproprion (down from 600mg). Should I be worried since it mentions that this medication is not for bi-polar disorder? I also take klonopin and lamictal (100mg). Thank you Jennifer R

Posted 21 Jan 2014 3 answers

Lamotrigine - Is this safe in children? or am I reading this right?

My daughter was just prescribed this medication (April 2nd) ( Latrogine [Lamictal] 25 mg. and over a three month period is expected to be at a 100mg dose, twice a day ) and because she is 10 years ...

Posted 2 Apr 2014 3 answers

I take 200 mgs of lamictal and am very tired and loss of appatite?

also paxil 60 millograms is loss of appatite and tiredness a side of any one of this medication

Posted 11 Apr 2014 1 answer

1. how long does lamictal take to work? (BPD 2)?

1. how long does Lamictal take to work? whats the least time to start feeling the difference? 2. do you need an antidepressant like Zoloft alongside with it? or it cures anxiety itself?

Posted 14 Mar 2014 2 answers

What is an alternative drug to lamectal, Pristique and nueroten?

One side effect from lamectal is nigh sweats. Even though I had nigh sweets before using it due to unbalanced hormones, I suffer even more severely with nigh sweats since lamectal. Literally sweat ...

Posted 24 Mar 2014 1 answer

Prescribed pristiq 50mg & lamictal 25. I'm newly diagnosed as bipolar 2. Scared of what to expect?

Hi everyone. I'm new here. Was actually searching for some information but I thought i would ask my own question. I went to see a psychiatrist yesterday based on a recommendation from my ...

Posted 24 Feb 2014 5 answers

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