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Lamictal - I was disqualify from holding my C d l license because of the use of this medication?

Does any one have this issue. I don't know. What to do coming off medication to keep working I just two week on lamictal.

Posted 18 days ago 1 answer

Is it a normal thing or what can I do about it ?

I am on trazadone and lamictal and I have been on it before with no problems but I recently started taking it again and I feel like I have an extremely stuff nose or my sinuses are swollen almost to ...

Posted 11 days ago 0 answers

Lamictal dosage decrease and increase?

I was in a psychiatric facility. The Dr asked if I was on 100mg of Lamictal.. I wasn't completely sure as I was medicated and confused, so I said "I think so." That was that. I ...

Posted 6 May 2016 1 answer

Lamictal - Just starting Lamotrigine 25mg for bipolar?

I am reading all of the comments... I have tried many antidepressants in the past with no help, I recently started to see a counselor and psychiatrist. I was first given Topiramate (Topamax) and that ...

Posted 29 Apr 2016 1 answer

Lamictal - Does anyone else ever get really vivid, sometimes violent dreams because of this drug?

I've been taking this drug for a couple weeks now, and it's done nothing but enrage my paranoia. This makes my chlorpromizine useless. I've dealt with paranoia for 8 years, then I had ...

Posted 6 May 2016 1 answer

Why does depakote have to make my hair fall out? Is lithium a better switch or is lamictal?

I currently take 1500 mg of depakote..50 mg of zoloft... and 10 mg of Buspar 2x a day for bipolar.

Posted 15 Apr 2016 2 answers

Can seizure pills cause occasional bed wetting?

I take topamax 200mg lamictal 100mg, lamictal 200mg twice a day; and I take 3 dialanton 100mg once a day could that be the cause of my occasional bed wetting. I'm 19 about to be 20, it has been ...

Posted 3 May 2016 1 answer

My son has been using Lamictal for some years now for seizure control and has developed significant?

... tremors to the point of difficulty keeping a steady gait. I would like to try just CBD oil alone or along with Lamictal until what time he could be weaned off the Rx. Does anyone have any ...

Posted 5 May 2016 0 answers

Has anyone experienced weight gain or weight loss with Lamictal?

My Dr started me on Lamictal a week ago, I'm very leery of medications that can cause weight gain and unfortunately I am one of the ones who often experience the weight gain, never the weight ...

Posted 15 Apr 2016 1 answer

What time of day is best to start lamictal?

I just got my first prescription for lamictal starting out a 25mg once a day for 2 weeks, then 25mg 2x a day. I was wondering if its best to started out taking in night or evening or morning . I have ...

Posted 23 Apr 2016 2 answers

Is it ok to add 300 wellbutrinXR(depression) cymbalta40(anxiety) to routine Lamictal 200?

Bi Polar for 30 years. No episodes for 15 years. two years ago , new Dr. had me on Geodon as a support for Lamictal, but having side effects of muscle jerks, and no history of manic episodes in 15 ...

Posted 23 Apr 2016 1 answer

Lamotrigine - Maximum of milligrams to treat bipolar disorder?

I'm bipolarI take 400mg of lamotrigine and i still depressed, can increase the dose ?

Posted 16 Apr 2016 1 answer

I'm bipolar/anxiety need mood stabilizer, anti depressant, and anti anxiety. Don't want to gain?

... weight. Taking Wellbutrin depakote, trileptil and buspar. Having really bad reactions. Would like to try lamictil, cymbalta

Posted 5 Dec 2015 3 answers

I have not been taking my meds for almost 2 mths now they are lamictal 100mg and remeron 15mg?

can i just start up were i left off?

Posted 2 Apr 2016 1 answer

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