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Can you get a rash from Lamictal within 24hrs?

I was diagnosed as bi-polar over a year ago but never took it seriously or was good at taking my medicines. Recently I realized I really do need to do something for my health and I went back to my ...

Posted 25 Oct 2014 4 answers

Lamictal stop Effexor withdrawals?

Hi there, I currently would like to get off if Effexor, and am wondering if anyone has felt that lamictal helps take the Effexor withdrawals away? I've been researching as much as possible but ...

Posted 13 days ago 1 answer

Depression - hi, I feel so alone, back in april I was at my lowest point so we went in to see a new?

... shrink and she put me on wellbutrin, i started getting more energy but also started feeling suicidal so she took me off them. then i went to another doctor who put me on lamictal, again i could ...

Posted 26 Sep 2014 5 answers

What is a therapeutic level of lamictal for a 70 lb 7 year old?

She is having absent seizures. Diagnosed PDD,ocd, mood disorder, double allergies and no other meds. She is on 75mg and it has helped tremendously but still occurring.

Posted 15 days ago 1 answer

I've read increased sex drive with lamictal. Those that have experienced this, do you take it in the

... am, pm, or split dose? I take in the morning because I struggle to sleep, but increased sex drive would be nice. What dose did you start having this benefit? I'm tapering up pretty slow ...

Posted 16 days ago 1 answer

What are the potential side effects of taking lamictal xr and Onfi?

I have gained abdominal weight -even I was over weight like 35 pounds and 3 kids later. The shape I have is left me more above the belt line round/egg in the abdominal area. The bigger problem is ...

Posted 24 Oct 2014 2 answers

Is long time use of lamictal possible for ex 10 years?

for bipolar disorder ,long time use of lamictal is approved or not

Posted 21 Oct 2014 3 answers

Zoloft with lamictal?

Hello everyone. I now am taking Zoloft 100mg and Lamictal 200mg per day. It has been about 3 weeks and still haven't noticed any positive results with these meds. I am also prescribed Klonopin ...

Posted 28 Oct 2014 1 answer

Just started Lamictal 25mg & when does the tiredness/lethargy wear off if ever?!?

Only just started but tempted to stop if this lack of motivation (no different to the depression really) continues with higher dose, but don't wish to go back to a hell like existence never ...

Posted 12 Oct 2014 1 answer

Should I start taking Lamictal?

I have fainted a couple of times but my doctor described them as seizures due to stress after an EEG. I was prescribed this medication at a dose of 75mg per day and diagnosed with minor epilepsy. ...

Posted 1 Oct 2014 2 answers

Lamictal withdrawal?

I started birth control and it reduced my lamictal by half. From 200 to 100. So my Dr put me on 50 more =250. I have been on 250 5 days. I still feel sedated and horribly depressed. My Dr said I ...

Posted 5 Oct 2014 2 answers

What is the half life of lamictal?

My husband has been on this med for month and a half about 2 weeks ago his muscles started drawing up. The er said to stop taking it. What is the half life so I know about how long this will take

Posted 28 Sep 2014 2 answers

Lamotrigine - What time of day should I take lamictal for migraine prevention?

My first day, I took it at night. My second day, I took it in the morning and felt extremely anxious and out of sorts all day. I do also have anxiety and depression, that are medicated. My migraine ...

Posted 25 Sep 2014 1 answer

Lamictal to stabilize my moods? I am more calm but still?

Mornings are the best and then I get very depressed as the day goes on and by night it is the worst. I take 100mg every 12 hours.

Posted 31 Jul 2014 5 answers

I'm new to lamictal & clonopin and a low dose!?

Did it help you?? After having a baby I was depressed for 6 months anxiety PANIC ATTAKS chest pain

Posted 11 Sep 2014 2 answers

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