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Bipolar Disorder - Lamictal: I'm up to 200 mg for a week and don't feel any better. I complicated?

... things by starting hydromorphone a few weeks ago and when it didn't help my pain, I am now cutting it down. I also have a lot of financial stress in my life at the moment. Anyone gone ...

Posted 15 days ago 1 answer

4 yr old who has just been diagnosed as having both ocd and a mood disorder. Doctor recommended?

disorder. Doctor( neurologist) recommended placing him on lamictal. We will get a 2nd opinion before making a decision. Any advice???

Posted 16 days ago 1 answer

Help!! Me Feels like I am going crazy?

Help anyone,I am taking Prozac and lamictal in the morning,i feel really nervous cant think straight my DR. prescribed kalonipin. I have taken 1mg at night for one week,I wake up early and not ...

Posted 13 Nov 2014 3 answers

Has anyone experienced burning itching welts from Lamictal or Xanax?

This has been happening to me for over 4 yrs. Been to dermatologist, allergist, regular doctor and none of them have a solution or an answer. It starts with a small circle (like a bug bite), then ...

Posted 16 days ago 1 answer

I have been on 300MG of limictal (lamotrigin) for over a year?

I have started to notice blurred vision, chest pains, feel less coordinated along with anxiety & memory loss. On the plus side my mood has been very stable. I never stopped to think this could ...

Posted 4 Nov 2014 4 answers

Is Lamictal known to create mood swings, at least in the beginning ?

Hy everyone, Not more than 2 weeks my husband was diagnosed with epilepsy / partial seizures. It's been bad since then. He experienced something that he called dizziness from 2008. it used to ...

Posted 15 Nov 2014 2 answers

Deplin - I just started taking PoDiaPN after testing positive MTHFR gene?

I am on Lamictal and Wellbutrin for Bipolar 2 disorder but stopped Lexipro several months back. Although, I have much more energy, the irritability that the lexipro was good for is coming back. ...

Posted 21 Nov 2014 0 answers

Can you get a rash from Lamictal within 24hrs?

I was diagnosed as bi-polar over a year ago but never took it seriously or was good at taking my medicines. Recently I realized I really do need to do something for my health and I went back to my ...

Posted 25 Oct 2014 4 answers

Depression - hi, I feel so alone, back in april I was at my lowest point so we went in to see a new?

... shrink and she put me on wellbutrin, i started getting more energy but also started feeling suicidal so she took me off them. then i went to another doctor who put me on lamictal, again i could ...

Posted 26 Sep 2014 5 answers

Lamictal stop Effexor withdrawals?

Hi there, I currently would like to get off if Effexor, and am wondering if anyone has felt that lamictal helps take the Effexor withdrawals away? I've been researching as much as possible but ...

Posted 12 Nov 2014 1 answer

What is a therapeutic level of lamictal for a 70 lb 7 year old?

She is having absent seizures. Diagnosed PDD,ocd, mood disorder, double allergies and no other meds. She is on 75mg and it has helped tremendously but still occurring.

Posted 10 Nov 2014 1 answer

I've read increased sex drive with lamictal. Those that have experienced this, do you take it in the

... am, pm, or split dose? I take in the morning because I struggle to sleep, but increased sex drive would be nice. What dose did you start having this benefit? I'm tapering up pretty slow ...

Posted 9 Nov 2014 1 answer

What are the potential side effects of taking lamictal xr and Onfi?

I have gained abdominal weight -even I was over weight like 35 pounds and 3 kids later. The shape I have is left me more above the belt line round/egg in the abdominal area. The bigger problem is ...

Posted 24 Oct 2014 2 answers

Is long time use of lamictal possible for ex 10 years?

for bipolar disorder ,long time use of lamictal is approved or not

Posted 21 Oct 2014 3 answers

Zoloft with lamictal?

Hello everyone. I now am taking Zoloft 100mg and Lamictal 200mg per day. It has been about 3 weeks and still haven't noticed any positive results with these meds. I am also prescribed Klonopin ...

Posted 28 Oct 2014 1 answer

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