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College-Age Binge Drinkers May Face Higher Blood Pressure

Posted 20 Feb 2016 by

FRIDAY, Feb. 19, 2016 – Young adults who regularly binge drink have elevated blood pressure compared to those who drink occasionally, and could wind up with high blood pressure, researchers warn in a new study. Among binge-drinking young adults, investigators found that systolic blood pressure (the top number in a blood pressure reading) is 2.6 to 4 points higher compared to those who don't binge. This is enough to put some in the early stages of high blood pressure, said senior researcher Jennifer O'Loughlin. "Our findings show that more than one in four young adults who binge drink meet the criterion for prehypertension," she said. "This is worrisome because this condition can progress to hypertension, which in turn can cause heart disease and premature death," explained O'Loughlin. She is a professor of social and preventive medicine at the University of Montreal. Binge drinking is ... Read more

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Obesity Can Send Kids' Blood Pressure Soaring: Study

Posted 19 Feb 2016 by

FRIDAY, Feb. 19, 2016 – Children and teens who become or stay obese may quickly face up to three times the risk of developing high blood pressure compared to their slimmer peers, a new study says. These findings are of particular concern because the high blood pressure in kids who went from overweight to obese, or those who stayed obese, developed in a short time – the study only lasted three years. "These findings underscore the importance of developing and implementing early and effective clinical and public health strategies for obesity prevention," said lead researcher Emily Parker. She is a research investigator at the HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research in Bloomington, Minn. For the study, Parker and her colleagues collected data on more than 100,000 children and teens listed in the records of three major health systems in California, Colorado and Minnesota ... Read more

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Untreated High Blood Pressure Greatly Raises Risk of 'Bleeding' Stroke

Posted 19 Feb 2016 by

THURSDAY, Feb. 18, 2016 – People with untreated high blood pressure face a much greater risk of a bleeding stroke, but that risk is even higher for blacks and Hispanics, a new study warns. "The average age for a brain hemorrhage [bleeding stroke] is much younger in minorities, especially in African-Americans, so they may suffer more disability earlier in life than others," study author Dr. Kyle Walsh said in an American Stroke Association news release. "It's important to be aware of having high blood pressure in the first place, and once diagnosed, to have it treated appropriately," added Walsh, an assistant professor of emergency medicine at the University of Cincinnati. The study included more than 4,600 white, black and Hispanic Americans who were followed for six years. During that time, half of them suffered a bleeding stroke. Compared to having normal blood pressure, having ... Read more

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Health Tip: Protect Your Heart

Posted 17 Feb 2016 by

-- Your lifestyle plays a key role in determining your heart health. And it's never too early or too late to begin protecting your heart. The American Heart Association suggests: Adopt a healthy eating regimen, focusing on foods with low salt and low saturated fat. Eat plenty of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and fish. Choose lean meats and low-fat dairy products. Exercise regularly! Aim for at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise. At least twice per week, perform strengthening exercises that work all of your muscles. Make sure children get a minimum of one hour of exercise per day. Learn the warning signs of heart attack or stroke, such as chest pain or tightness, shortness of breath, pressure, dizziness or weakness on one side of the body. Read more

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Physically Demanding Job, High Blood Pressure a Bad Mix for Women

Posted 15 Feb 2016 by

MONDAY, Feb. 15, 2016 – Having a physically demanding job and high blood pressure may triple a woman's risk of heart disease, a new study contends. Researchers looked at more than 12,000 female nurses in Denmark, and found that those with high blood pressure and highly active jobs were much more likely to develop heart disease than those with normal blood pressure and moderately active jobs. "Previous research has shown that men and women with physically demanding jobs have an increased risk of heart disease," said study author Karen Allesoe, a Ph.D. student at the University of Southern Denmark. "The two risk factors appear to work together, resulting in an even greater incidence of heart disease," Allesoe said. "To our knowledge, this has not been shown before among women." However, the study only showed an association for heart disease risk, not a cause-and-effect relationship. The ... Read more

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NFL Linemen Keep Growing, Putting Their Health at Risk, Experts Say

Posted 5 Feb 2016 by

FRIDAY, Feb. 5, 2016 – As the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers gear up for Sunday's Super Bowl 50 showdown, many may be focused on the potential dangers of concussion, but that's not the only health risk football players face. Concern about the size of players – especially linemen – has been growing along with the players' waistlines. And some researchers are now suggesting that these athletes should be monitored for health problems. Physicians who work with overweight National Football League and college-level football players "should be aware of the potential for elevated blood pressure, diabetes and abnormal cholesterol levels," said Jeffrey Potteiger, co-author of a commentary reviewing the possible risks facing these young men. And the risk is especially high in athletes who pack plenty of fat around the abdomen, he added. Potteiger, a physical education specialist and dean ... Read more

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Daily Bit of Chocolate in Pregnancy May Help Mom, Baby

Posted 4 Feb 2016 by

THURSDAY, Feb. 4, 2016 – Pregnant women who nibble just a small piece of chocolate each day may improve the circulatory health of their unborn child, a new study suggests. The tiny treat may also reduce the risk for preeclampsia, a potentially deadly condition in which a pregnant woman with normal blood pressure suddenly develops dangerously high blood pressure, the researchers said. The findings held up regardless of whether the chocolate consumed contained high or low amounts of so-called flavanols. Some experts believe these compounds – found in certain plant-based food items – may confer a number of health benefits. But the association seen in the study did not prove that eating chocolate during pregnancy caused better circulatory health in pregnant women and their babies. "Our observations suggest that a regular small consumption of dark chocolate – whether or not the level of ... Read more

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'Obese' May Not Always Equal Unhealthy: Study

Posted 4 Feb 2016 by

THURSDAY, Feb. 4, 2016 – Many overweight and obese Americans might be perfectly healthy when it comes to blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels – while many thin folks may not be the picture of good health, a new study contends. Using a government health survey, researchers found that nearly half of overweight U.S. adults were "metabolically healthy." That meant they had no more than one risk factor for type 2 diabetes and heart disease – including high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol or triglyceride levels, elevated blood sugar, or high concentrations of C-reactive protein (a marker of inflammation in the blood vessels). Among obese adults, 29 percent were deemed healthy – as were 16 percent of those who were severely obese based on body mass index (BMI, a ratio of weight to height). On the other hand, more than 30 percent of normal-weight Americans were ... Read more

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Stress-Prone Teen Males May Be at Risk of High Blood Pressure Later

Posted 2 Feb 2016 by

MONDAY, Feb. 1, 2016 – Young men who get stressed out easily appear to have a greater risk of high blood pressure later in life, a new study suggests. The researchers found that, among 18-year-old men, those who had the lowest stress-resilience scores were 40 percent more likely to develop high blood pressure later than those with the greatest ability to cope with stress. The investigators also found that being overweight was linked with an even greater risk of developing high blood pressure (or "hypertension") in those who had a low threshold for stress. However, it's important to note that the study can only show an association between stress response and later high blood pressure; it cannot prove a cause-and-effect relationship. The research was based on data from more than 1.5 million men conscripted into the Swedish army between 1969 and 1997 at age 18. Their health was followed ... Read more

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New Blood Pressure Guidelines a Danger to Patients: Study

Posted 1 Feb 2016 by

MONDAY, Feb. 1, 2016 – Scientists continue to debate when doctors should prescribe blood pressure medication for older Americans, with a new study saying delayed treatment puts people at greater risk of stroke. For people 60 and older, a U.S. panel in 2014 recommended raising the blood pressure rate at which doctors prescribe treatment from 140 to 150 systolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure is the top number in a blood pressure reading. But the new study finds that people with systolic blood pressure of 140 to 149 have a 70 percent increased risk of stroke compared to people with lower blood pressure. "Our study shows the borderline group is probably as risky as having a blood pressure greater than 150, at least for stroke risk," said senior author Dr. Ralph Sacco, chair of neurology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. "This was a controversial move, and I ... Read more

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Study: Small Bump in Blood Pressure During Pregnancy Might Harm Baby

Posted 1 Feb 2016 by

MONDAY, Feb. 1, 2016 – Even slightly elevated blood pressure in late pregnancy may increase the risk of having an underweight or stillborn infant, new research suggests. Women with prehypertension – sometimes called borderline high blood pressure – at 36 weeks of pregnancy had about 70 percent greater odds for low birth weight or stillbirth compared to women with normal blood pressure, the new Swedish study found. But even mothers-to-be whose blood pressure rose in late pregnancy without becoming prehypertensive were more likely to have small babies, researchers said. The researchers stressed, however, that their study showed only an association, not a cause-and- effect relationship, between blood pressure and fetal outcomes. Infants with low birth weight are more likely to have health problems than normal-weight babies, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and ... Read more

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Computer-Based Test Aims to Predict Dementia Risk

Posted 21 Jan 2016 by

THURSDAY, Jan. 21, 2016 – A new computer-based test might be able to predict a person's risk for dementia, just by analyzing the information family doctors gather during routine visits, a new study from Britain suggests. Researchers from University College London have developed an algorithm that uses medical data to predict a five-year risk of dementia, according to a report Jan. 21 in the journal BioMed Central. The algorithm assesses factors like age, sex, social interaction, smoking, body-mass index, alcohol use, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, irregular heartbeat (atrial fibrillation), aspirin use and depression, the study authors said. "We chose the particular factors as other research has shown in some people that they [risk factors] can be linked to an increased risk of dementia," said Kate Walters, director of the Centre for Ageing and Population Studies at University ... Read more

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Race Not Tied to Threat of Second Stroke, Study Finds

Posted 21 Jan 2016 by

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 20, 2016 – Younger black people are three times more likely to have a stroke than their white peers, but they may not be at greater risk for a second stroke, new research suggests. "The interaction between black race and age appears to be remarkably different for the risk of first versus second stroke," said study author George Howard, of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. "There was very little difference in race for the risk of a second stroke," he said in a news release from the American Academy of Neurology. The seven-year study involved almost 30,000 people, including close to 3,000 with a history of stroke. Over the course of the study, about 300 of the people who had a previous stroke suffered another one. Meanwhile, just over 800 of the remaining people had their first stroke during the study period. By the age of 45, the black study participants with no ... Read more

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Out-of-Shape Teens May Face High Blood Pressure Later

Posted 19 Jan 2016 by

TUESDAY, Jan. 19, 2016 – Teenagers who are either overweight or have low fitness levels face a heightened risk of developing high blood pressure by middle age, a large new study finds. People who were both heavy and out of shape in their teens showed the biggest risk, researchers reported Jan. 19 in JAMA Internal Medicine. But even thin teens were at risk of future blood pressure problems if their fitness levels were low. And high blood pressure is serious, raising the risk of stroke, heart disease, kidney disease and premature death, the researchers noted. Experts said the findings – based on more than 1.5 million Swedish men followed for 26 years – drive home a few major points. One is that physical activity matters, regardless of your weight. And that goes beyond blood pressure, said Dr. Carl "Chip" Lavie, medical director of cardiac rehabilitation and prevention at Ochsner ... Read more

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Poor Circulation in Brain Linked to Psychosis in Alzheimer's Patients

Posted 5 Jan 2016 by

TUESDAY, Jan. 5, 2016 – Psychosis, including delusions and hallucinations, affects about half of Alzheimer's disease patients. And researchers have set out to clarify the link between these two conditions. Canadian researchers said they found that cerebrovascular disease – a group of conditions that restrict the circulation of blood to the brain – appears to play a significant role in psychosis for those with Alzheimer's. About 19 percent of people with Alzheimer's living in the community (rather than in a nursing home) have delusions. Another 14 percent have hallucinations, the researchers said. Psychotic symptoms among people with Alzheimer's can cause added burdens on loved ones and caregivers. These symptoms can also speed up the progression of Alzheimer's disease, the study authors explained. For the study, the researchers analyzed autopsy data from more than 1,000 people who ... Read more

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