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Can amlodipine cause swelling in the feet and ankles?

I take amlodipine 10 mg tab camb,1 tablet a day.I have severe swelling in my feet ankles & going up my calves,the dr. said that the amlodipine could be causing this & i should stop taking it ...

Posted 25 Aug 2011 4 answers

I definitely have erectile dysfunction when I am on Amlodipine Besilate. Am I alone or has anybody?

... else have similar experience. I am not taking any other medication. I had stopped the drug for a few days and things were very normal

Posted 10 Jan 2010 14 answers

Is Lisinopril a Beta Blocker or ACE Inhibitor?

and what is a beta blocker anyway?

Posted 27 Mar 2014 3 answers

Is it better to take Metoprolol in the morning or at night?

I take anxiety and ADD meds during the day and my doctor said to try taking the metoprolol at night because I was feeling fatigued later in the evenings?

Posted 2 Apr 2010 6 answers

What is the difference between atenolol and lisinopril?

Im suppose to take 50mg 1x day I'm out and can't afford to get it my husband takes lisinopril/hctz 20/12.5mg can I take his?

Posted 28 Feb 2013 1 answer

What anti-inflammatory ibuprofen medication has less risks than naproxen?

I have taken naproxen for arthritis for years and it has been a God send... I am very crippled without it. Having trouble controling hypertension though. Can naproxen be the problem? What else to ...

Posted 7 Sep 2011 6 answers

What causes sudden increase In blood pressure, systolic & diastolic?

My husband is on lisinopril every day with a usual BP of 125/68. He is tonight having 2 readings over an hour apart of 176/75 & 292/121 & 212/89. He took an extra lisinopril after his 2nd ...

Posted 24 Dec 2014 1 answer

Buspirone - Just started Buspar today for anxiety issues and panic attacks?

I don't take any other meds for anxiety, just Exforge for hypertension. I'm reading these reviews and wondering what "brain zaps" are. I'm a lot nervous about taking this and ...

Posted 17 days ago 3 answers

What well help with white coat hypertension?

My blood pressure gets really high when I go to the dr. I Hate to go cause Im afraid that it will get to high. I have been told that I should take a Xanax before i go in. Does anyone have any info on ...

Posted 15 hours ago 1 answer

Avapro/Irbesartan - Do I need to keep taking this mediciation?

Good day. I had a high blood pressure incident while traveling in Costa Rico in March. The doctor there told me I had hypertension and put me on Irbesartan. Since then I have seen a doctor in the US ...

Posted 21 hours ago 0 answers

Propranolol - Inderal: Long Term Use Effects?

I am considering starting inderal for my anxiety/occasional panic, but as an educated consumer, I would like to know about the long term effects of others' who have taken it. Can you share your ...

Posted 12 Aug 2015 3 answers

Clonidine transdermal 2mg patch vs ER tablet form for hypertension?

Currently using clonidine 2mg transdermal patch. Want to switch to oral ER tablet form. Patch has been causing dermatitis. What dosage of ER tablet form would be an equivalent to 2mg patch which is ...

Posted 6 days ago 0 answers

I take Amlodipine at nite time for blood pleasure can I take. It before bed like at 7 pm instead?

Of 9 pm I take 10 mg at nite time but BP is up now and I can't get my other B/P meds untill tomorrow when I go on the bus ,my tinnitus is what really brings it up mostly cause by inter ear ...

Posted 11 days ago 0 answers

Amlodipine - Anybody else have horrible side effects from this medicine? It seems like something new

... everyday with me. I've only been on it for 3 months

Posted 22 Jun 2015 4 answers

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