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I have 3 major side affects on Enbrel. Anyone else ???

I have been taking the drug for 16 months and have been pain free from the ankylosing spondolitis from the first injection . But at the 9 month mark , I started to get severe head aches that feel ...

Posted 4 days ago 0 answers

I get bad cramps, then diareah but have been constipated?

Hi I have RA, so on prednisone, Celebrex , enbrel and percocet for pain. I have always had not normal bowel movements (ibs I think ) so now I get bad painful cramps followed by diareah. I've ...

Posted 7 Nov 2014 3 answers

I start Orencia tomorrow November 13,2014. It's infusion & I am scared...I have been on Humira then?

... Enbrel. I didn't tolerate either very well. The Humira I took for 14 months & it stopped working, the Enbrel I was allergic to. I have RA, small cell Vasculitis, Raynaulds Syndrome, ...

Posted 14 days ago 1 answer

Enbrel Costs in UK?

My husband has used Enbrel for his psoriasis for the past 6 years after topical creams and lotions stopped being effective. We are moving from the US to the UK early next year and are concerned about ...

Posted 5 Nov 2014 0 answers

What do you normally start enbrel patients on?

I am going to be starting enbrel and would like to know how often do you have to give the shots to start.

Posted 6 Nov 2014 0 answers

I get sudden, vacillating muscle weakness in my legs. It is as though I have walked 50 miles?

I have recently started a new med, Tegretol which I take 150 MG per day. I have been on this new med for almost 1 month. I am also arthritic and take Methotrexate,Enbril, and Celebrex. The Dr checked ...

Posted 29 Oct 2014 0 answers

Will Enbrel also help with my Avascular Necrosis as well as the RA pain?

I was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis after loosing one leg to the disease and it is currently in the right one now. I have been taking Forteo for about 6mts in hopes it will help rebuild the bone. ...

Posted 16 Oct 2014 0 answers

What Rx pain medication (I have RA) may I safely take w/ Effexor? I'm allergic to aspirin?

I took Effexor w/ Tramadol --one time --and had very bad results. No otc pain med. helps at all. I'm also on Enbrel.

Posted 1 Oct 2014 2 answers

Enbrel - head aches?

i am suffering from constant head aches since taking enbrel. is this normal

Posted 27 Sep 2014 0 answers

How long does one need to take Enbrel to be premanently out of AS and arthiritis?

I am a 30 year old working professional suffering from Ankyloysing Spondilitis and Arithiritis. I have a positive HLA B-27?

Posted 13 Aug 2014 1 answer

I have been on enbrel for two years one50mg per week. I want to get the shingles vaccine (age 63)?

... and have been off of enbrel for 5 weeks? Many conflicting answers from Doc and web. Does anyone have some advice?

Posted 27 Jul 2014 1 answer

Does enbrel work for ostioarthritus?

Have chronic pain when weather changes from what I believe to be osteoarthritis from prior injuries, which is just about all over my body, and 10/325 Endocet doesn't help much at all, does ...

Posted 24 Jul 2014 1 answer

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