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Seniors: Pump Iron, Live Longer

Posted 22 hours ago by

WEDNESDAY, May 4, 2016 – You probably already know that strength training, such as lifting weights or doing pushups, is good for you, but now new research suggests it may help you live longer, too. When people 65 and older did strength training twice a week, they lowered their odds of dying from any cause by almost half during a 15-year study. "The secret to a longer and healthier life may not be available in pill form, but it may look like a barbell," said lead study author Dr. Jennifer Kraschnewski. She's an assistant professor of medicine and public health sciences at Penn State College of Medicine, in Hershey, Pa. "Strength training can substantially decrease mortality risk, and more importantly, some of our other work demonstrates the impact of strength training on improving functional limitations [in older people]," she added. The study included data on more than 30,000 adults, ... Read more

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Emergency Surgery Risky Business in Poor Countries

Posted 1 day 1 hour ago by

WEDNESDAY, May 4, 2016 – People who have emergency surgery in poor nations may be much likelier to die than patients in wealthy countries, a new study finds. British researchers analyzed data on more than 10,000 people who had emergency abdominal surgery in 58 countries. They found death rates in the 30 days after surgery were three times higher in low-income countries than in high-income countries. This disparity remained even after the investigators accounted for patient factors such as diabetes, smoking and physical condition before surgery. "The association between increasing mortality and lower-income countries might be explained by differences in prognosis, in treatment or maybe both. What we can say is that our study highlights the significant disparity between countries, and an urgent need to address it," researcher Dr. Aneel Bhangu, from the University of Birmingham, said in a ... Read more

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Fatty Foods, Drowsy Days

Posted 1 day 19 hours ago by

TUESDAY, May 3, 2016 – Men who eat a lot of fatty foods may find themselves needing an afternoon nap, a new study suggests. Researchers found that among almost 800 men aged 35 to 80, those with diets high in fat reported more problems with daytime sleepiness. The connection was not explained by body weight, exercise levels or chronic health issues, such as diabetes or depression. The study, published recently in the journal Nutrients, does not prove that dietary fat, itself, induces drowsiness. It's unclear why a fatty diet might affect drowsiness, according to lead researcher Yingting Cao, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Adelaide in Australia. But, Cao said, lab studies suggest that certain "gut neuro-hormones" promote sleepiness, so it's plausible that a high-fat diet could somehow affect daytime drowsiness. According to Cao, more research is needed to understand how fatty ... Read more

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Psoriasis Tied to Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes

Posted 8 days ago by

WEDNESDAY, April 27, 2016 – The chronic skin disease psoriasis may be linked to excess weight and type 2 diabetes, results of a new study suggest. Danish researchers found that people with type 2 diabetes had more than 50 percent greater odds of having psoriasis compared to people without diabetes. The study also found that the rate of psoriasis went up with increasing weight. For example, obese people with a body mass index (BMI) over 35 had almost double the odds of psoriasis than normal weight people did. BMI is a body fat measurement based on height and weight. A BMI of 30 or over is considered obese. Exactly how these conditions might be connected isn't clear, but the study authors suggested that genetics, smoking, drinking alcohol, or inflammation might play a role. "Psoriasis is a complex disorder," said lead researcher Dr. Ann Sophie Lonnberg, of the University of Copenhagen. ... Read more

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Type 2 Diabetes May Damage Hearing, Study Finds

Posted 8 days ago by

WEDNESDAY, April 27, 2016 – Type 2 diabetes may raise the risk of hearing loss, say researchers who recommend hearing tests for patients with the blood sugar disease. The researchers reviewed prior studies examining the link between diabetes and hearing loss. However, further research is needed to confirm this connection, said the team at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center in New York City. "An association between diabetes and hearing impairment in human subjects has been shown in many, but not all, studies," said Elizabeth Helzner, an assistant professor in the School of Public Health. "Direct comparison of these studies is complicated due to a lack of consistency in defining hearing impairment and other factors," she said in a SUNY news release. However, Helzner added, the association between diabetes and hearing impairment tends to be stronger in studies that ... Read more

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Health Tip: Help Prevent High Blood Pressure

Posted 9 days ago by

-- High blood pressure is sometimes called "the silent killer" because it can be deadly, and affected people may not know they have it. To help prevent high blood pressure, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises: Monitoring your blood pressure regularly. Keeping your blood sugar well controlled if you have diabetes, which is a risk factor for high blood pressure. Taking your meds for diabetes, blood pressure and other chronic health conditions exactly as prescribed. Discussing with your doctor any health issues that may contribute to high blood pressure. Read more

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Health Tip: Should I Check my Blood Sugar?

Posted 10 days ago by

-- Regular monitoring of blood glucose is a great way to measure how well you are managing diabetes. Here's who should be checking blood sugar regularly, according to the American Diabetes Association: Anyone who takes insulin. Pregnant women. People with uncontrolled blood sugar. Anyone who struggles with low blood sugar, particularly if there are no warning signs. Those who develop ketone buildup as a result of high blood sugar. Read more

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Do Genes That Protect Against Dementia Guard Against Chronic Diseases?

Posted 14 days ago by

THURSDAY, April 21, 2016 – Healthy elderly people have a higher-than-normal number of genetic variants that protect against mental decline, a new study reports. The findings suggest a possible link between long-term brain health and protection from chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, the researchers said. "For many decades, we have searched for the genetic causes of disease in sick individuals," said Eric Schadt, founding director of the Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology at Mount Sinai in New York City. This study "presents an attractive alternative by studying those who are well in order to uncover the solutions nature has provided to protect us against disease," said Schadt, who was not involved with the study. The researchers – from the Scripps Translational Science Institute, in La Jolla, Calif. – analyzed the genetic makeup of 511 ... Read more

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After Pregnancy-Linked Diabetes, Healthy Diet May Ease Blood Pressure

Posted 16 days ago by

TUESDAY, April 19, 2016 – Women with pregnancy-related diabetes may be able to reduce their future risk of high blood pressure by eating a healthy diet, researchers report. Their study included almost 4,000 women. All of the women had a history of pregnancy-related (gestational) diabetes. That's a known risk factor for high blood pressure later in life, the researchers said. During 22 years of follow-up, more than 1,000 women developed high blood pressure, putting them at increased risk for heart attack and stroke, according to the researchers. Women who maintained a healthy diet were 20 percent less likely to develop high blood pressure than those who did not. The study authors said increased body fat was 20 percent to 30 percent responsible for the link between poorer eating habits and increased risk of high blood pressure. A healthy diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, ... Read more

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National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day Set For April 30th

Posted 17 days ago by

Event will take place from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday, April 30th On Saturday, April 30th, 2016 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm local time, communities will team up with law enforcement to host the 11th National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. You can call the Drug Enforcement Agency's (DEA's) Registration Call Center at 1-800-882-9539 or check the DEA's website for collection sites in your area. The website will be continuously updated with new take-back locations. DEA began hosting National Prescription Drug Take-Back events in 2010. At the previous 10 Take-Back Day events, over 5.5 million pounds of unwanted, unneeded or expired medications were surrendered for safe and proper disposal. The disposal service is free and anonymous for consumers, with no questions asked. Keep in mind that needles, sharps, asthma inhalers, and illicit drugs are not accepted at the drop box. Prescription m ... Read more

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Metformin Safer for Heart Than Other Common Type 2 Diabetes Drugs: Study

Posted 17 days ago by

MONDAY, April 18, 2016 – Metformin, the most frequently prescribed standalone drug for type 2 diabetes, is better for the heart than its closest competitors, a large analysis suggests. Metformin reduced the risk of dying from heart attack and stroke by about 30 percent to 40 percent compared with other commonly used drugs called sulfonylureas, such as glibenclamide, glimepiride, glipizide and tolbutamide, researchers report. "Pharmaceutical companies continue to make new drugs to reduce blood sugar and improve on safety concerns of the older drugs," said senior study author Dr. Shari Bolen. But, "while adults with diabetes often need more than one medication to control blood sugar, the newer medications do not appear to be safer than the older drugs," added Bolen. Metformin is still the safest and most effective type 2 diabetes medication, said Bolen. She is an assistant professor of ... Read more

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Widely Used Type 2 Diabetes Drug May Reduce Cancer Death Risk

Posted 15 Apr 2016 by

FRIDAY, April 15, 2016 – Metformin, a commonly prescribed diabetes drug, may reduce the risk of dying from some cancers for postmenopausal women with type 2 diabetes, a new study suggests. The study found that for women with type 2 diabetes and cancer, the odds of dying from cancer appeared to be 45 percent higher compared to women with cancer who didn't have diabetes. But, in women with cancer who took metformin to treat their type 2 diabetes, the risk of dying from cancer seemed about the same as it was for women without diabetes. "Our findings from this large study may provide more evidence that postmenopausal women with diabetes and cancer may benefit from metformin therapy compared to other anti-diabetes therapy," said lead researcher Zhihong Gong. She's an assistant professor of oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, in Buffalo, N.Y. Gong cautioned, however, that this ... Read more

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Health Tip: Keep a Diabetes Diary

Posted 15 Apr 2016 by

-- If you're diabetic, keeping track of blood sugar levels, food, weight and exercise can be overwhelming. That's when keeping a diary becomes a good idea. The American Diabetes Association suggests: Choosing the right journal. Consider whether you want paper or electronic, lined or unlined, thin or thick. Logging into your diary after every meal, rather than having to remember all the details until the end of the day. Jot down all foods and drinks consumed, serving sizes, carbohydrates and your blood sugar readings. Writing down your how hungry you were before each meal, how satisfied you were after every meal, and your emotions as you ate. Looking for trends in your diet, such as too many carbohydrates. Make sure you're honest with yourself. Evaluating your diary for ways to make healthier choices. Read more

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FDA Medwatch Alert: Metformin-containing Drugs: Drug Safety Communication - Revised Warnings for Certain Patients With Reduced Kidney Function

Posted 13 Apr 2016 by

ISSUE: FDA is requiring labeling changes regarding the recommendations for metformin-containing medicines for diabetes to expand metformin’s use in certain patients with reduced kidney function. The current labeling strongly recommends against use of metformin in some patients whose kidneys do not work normally. FDA was asked to review numerous medical studies regarding the safety of metformin use in patients with mild to moderate impairment in kidney function, and to change the measure of kidney function in the metformin drug labeling that is used to determine whether a patient can receive metformin. FDA concluded, from the review of studies published in the medical literature, that metformin can be used safely in patients with mild impairment in kidney function and in some patients with moderate impairment in kidney function. FDA is requiring changes to the metformin labeling to r ... Read more

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What Women Should Do to Guard Against Vision Loss

Posted 12 Apr 2016 by

TUESDAY, April 12, 2016 – Women are a majority of the 4.4 million Americans over age 40 who are visually impaired or blind, Prevent Blindness says. The national organization has declared April as Women's Eye Health and Safety Awareness Month, and has outlined several things women need to know about vision and eye health. The group said women are at greater risk than men for vision loss from such eye diseases as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration, as well as a condition called dry eye, which is more common after menopause. Pregnancy can cause dry eyes, puffy eyelids and refractive changes that may show up as blurred or double vision. Pregnant women's vision may also be affected by migraine headaches, diabetes and high blood pressure, according to Prevent Blindness. The organization also warns that some glaucoma medications may harm a fetus, and advises pregnant women to ... Read more

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