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How bad is a spinal tap or lumbar puncture?

Especially interested in anyone who wasn't sedated. I've been awake for my endoscopy and colonoscopy with sedation which everyone else doesn't remember. I'm scheduled for one and ...

Posted 15 Nov 2012 13 answers

Why does Propofol burn SO bad when injected?

I went for a colonoscopy yesterday. All I can remember is screaming because of the horrific pain at the Propofol insertion site. The Dr. Told me there would be " a little burning"! Had I ...

Posted 7 Aug 2013 7 answers

Does Methocarbamol contain aspirin, ibuprofen, or Naproxen?

I take one methocarbamol 750 mg nightly for leg cramps ("charlie horses"). I have to have a colonoscopy soon and I am to stop taking any drug that contains any of the above medications a ...

Posted 26 Jan 2013 2 answers

Any advise on living with Meralgia Parasthetica would be greatly appreciated?

I was diagnosed after 2 surgeries this past year. I am 53 and have been completely healthy until my first colonoscopy went horribly wrong and they perforated my bowel. Ironically it was on this day ...

Posted 8 days ago 0 answers

I have not used the restroom since I finished my 32oz evening (first half) of MoviPrep?

I have not used the restroom since I finished my 32oz evening (first half) of MoviPrep? Finished at 7:30pm and it's now 10:30pm. Thats 3hours. I'm tired and want to go to bed to wake up ...

Posted 11 Sep 2015 1 answer

Is it possible Gavilyte C given for a colonoscopy test affected my cholesterol number?

Right before my colonoscopy I had my cholesterol checked. I had been fasting and only had jello and black coffee the day before. My cholesterol went up from 145 to 190. The previous test was 6 months ...

Posted 16 Sep 2015 0 answers

MoviPrep - its not bowel movements just extreme bloating?

Started at 330 pm took first litre... no bowel movement.small amount of wind only.Started second litre at 730.. half way thro... still no action... I'm in for colonoscopy at 730??? Took the low ...

Posted 30 Aug 2015 0 answers

Scheduled for a colonoscopy?

Good morning everyone. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis back in feb, took me a few months to finally schedule a colonoscopy due to no insurance. My question is... 2 days ago I picked up a really ...

Posted 23 Aug 2015 1 answer

Suprep kit for a colonoscopy is it free of preservatives and what kind of berries are use in the?

solution? I am allergic to sulfites and preservatives. thank you

Posted 13 Aug 2015 1 answer

Magnesium Citrate - I have to drink magnesium citrate for a colonoscopy tomorrow and I've already?

... drank 10 ounces and still have not had a bowel movement will I have one before the procedure and if not will they still be able to do it

Posted 20 Jan 2015 1 answer

Dulcolax - I only took one been going for days?

Can the effects last for days? Feel like I am prepping for a colonoscopy !!

Posted 14 Jun 2015 0 answers

Can prepping for a colonoscopy cause a dry mouth?

I had to get a colonoscopy and of course you have to be on a all liquid diet the day before and drink a ton of that god awful stuff. Well i had my colonoscopy on wednesday and it is now sunday and i ...

Posted 14 Jun 2015 2 answers

What medication other than Bentyl could be used for stomach spasms?

Pt is a 52 y/o male who has severe vomiting within minutes of eating. Currently taking, Bentyl 20 mg TID, Omeprazole 150 mg in AM. Has had EDG, endoscopy, colonoscopy w/biopsy; all neg results. Has ...

Posted 4 Jun 2015 1 answer

Polyethylene Glycol 3350, nf?

My Dr told me to mix 64oz gator aid with polyethylene glycol 3350, nf. Quantity 255. Also 4 tabs of doulas for my colonoscopy in the am. Is this normal?

Posted 9 Jun 2015 0 answers

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