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Our support group for Cold Symptoms has 72 questions and 18 members. Updated 5 Oct 2014.

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Medication Errors Occur Every 8 Minutes in U.S. Children

MONDAY, Oct. 20, 2014 – A child receives the wrong medication or the wrong dosage every eight minutes in the United States, according to a recent study. Nearly 700,000 children under 6 years old ...

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Pediatric, AllerTan, Tri-Gestan S, Triotann Pediatric, Triotann, Histatan, Ed A-Hist LA, Histatab Plus, Diphenadryl, Total Allergy, Trux-adryl, Calm-Aid, Benoject-50, Allergia-C, Benahist-10, Benahist-50, Valu-Dryl, Altaryl, Siladyl SA, Silphen Cough, Tusstat, Siladryl DAS, Siladryl, Beldin, Belix, Hydramine, Aler-Dryl, Diphen AF, BetaTan, Carboxine 12D, C.P.M., Norel LA, Extendryl PSE, Lagesic, Myophen, Aridex-D Pediatric, Chlo-Amine, Chlor-Trimeton Allergy SR, Hydramine Cough Syrup, Bydramine, Diphedryl, Hyrexin, Ed Chlor-Tan, PediaTan, ChlorTan, Diphenylin, Hydramine Compound, Genasec, Q-Gesic, Uni-Perr, Phenagesic, Duogesic, Major-gesic, Phenylgesic, Apagesic, Vitoxapap, Flextra-DS, Hyflex-DS, RhinoFlex 650, Novahistine Elixir, Hyflex-650, Alpain, Relagesic, Staflex, Ursinus, J-Tan PD, Banaril, Aler-Tab, Diphenydramine Quick Melt, Twilite, Allermax, Pardryl, Quenalin, Nu-Med, Uni-Tann, Q-Dryl A/F, Lodrane XR, P-Tex, Bromaphen, Siltane, Dimetane Extentab, Diphenmax, Dimetapp Allergy, Actagen

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