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Where in Houston Texas can I find a dr. that will prescribe chantix?

My primary physician doesn't deal with chantix but I'm sure someone does .

Posted 14 Nov 2015 2 answers

Chantix - I'm afraid of side effects?

Iv a predisposition for depression for which I take medication. I'm worried that my depression will become worse. Recently I went to the heart doctor and he told me that my valves was getting ...

Posted 7 Nov 2015 1 answer

Sildenafil - I have 20mg tabs, can my wife take one or half as she is going through pre-menopause?

She is also taking chantex to quit smoking.

Posted 16 Nov 2015 0 answers

Chantix - is the side effects worth the end results worth it?

i have set a quit date 11/2/15 im asking if the side effects occur in the begining of the medication or does it take a while. i have read several stories. i dont want take to the point that its ...

Posted 30 Oct 2015 2 answers

Hello my name is Carole and I want to quit smoking. My doctor wants me to go on Chantix but have to?

... admit, the side effects worry me. I live alone with very few friends if any and the thought of me going a bit "nuts" all by myself is a bit scary to say the least. I guess I'm ...

Posted 29 Aug 2015 5 answers

Chantix - Fixed my anxiety?

I have lived with pretty crippling anxiety my entire life. I have tried some anti-depressants and never liked the side effects, especially if I missed a dose. I have been taking Chantix for 2 1/2 ...

Posted 9 Feb 2014 10 answers

Chantix - How long does it take to start working?

I am on day 4 an still smoking not as much but still. I have had no side effects yet or dreams except for this morning I got nauseated after I took it then it went away.

Posted 19 Nov 2014 1 answer

Did any chantix reviewers have depression or anxiety before being prescribed chantix?

If you did suffer from depression or anxiety prior to chantix use, did you quit smoking or quit using chantix?

Posted 11 Aug 2015 1 answer

Chantix - Can I start taking the blue pills without taking the white ones first?

I quit smoking with Chantix for 12 months. Unfortunately, due to stress and stupidity, I started again. I have about 2 months of blue pills left from my prescription, but no white pills. Is it safe ...

Posted 20 Aug 2015 0 answers

How long did you take Chantix?

I am on the 2nd month of Chantix and been totally smoke free for over 2 weeks... How long do you continue the Chantix??

Posted 11 Mar 2013 3 answers

Day 8 on Chantix and 48 hours Smoke free..anyone become crazy sad?

So I'm on day 8 of my starter pack and going on 50 hours since last cigarette..the only negative issue I'm having is intense sadness. I'm on verge of tears all day and over analyzing ...

Posted 24 Jul 2015 1 answer

Chantix - Will these really nasty side effects go away?

I have been on Chantix about 3 weeks. Have not wanted a smoke or had a craving in over 10 days. However, I seem to have many nasty side effects. Nausea, dizziness, I cannot go to the bathroom without ...

Posted 20 Mar 2015 3 answers

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