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How long does it normally take Celebrex to work?

I have just started on the drug after reinjuring my knee after kneecap replacement surgery. Due to the injury, my doc says I have some more arthritis developing. She gave me a Cortisone shot to help ...

Posted 12 Aug 2011 2 answers

Is Meloxicam very similar to Celebrex?

I used to take celebrex, but cuz of insurance I can't take it. I was prescribed Meloxicam. Is it as good as celebrex to decrease inflamation due to back or joint problems?

Posted 17 Sep 2009 1 answer

Does Ibuprofen contain acetaminophen?

I'm not supposed to take aspirin or acetemaphen because of Stage 3 kidney disease. I have fibromyalgia and have a lot of pain. Celebrex worked fine when the doctor let me take 200 mg twice a ...

Posted 17 Apr 2011 3 answers

Contrave - My doctor knows I take tramadol, I asked the pharmacist at Target if there would be any?

... contraindications with tramadol or Celebrex, and they assured me there wouldn't be. Your info says I should have been of tramadol 7-10 days before starting taking Contrave. Who is right?

Posted 11 days ago 2 answers

I get bad cramps, then diareah but have been constipated?

Hi I have RA, so on prednisone, Celebrex , enbrel and percocet for pain. I have always had not normal bowel movements (ibs I think ) so now I get bad painful cramps followed by diareah. I've ...

Posted 18 days ago 3 answers

Does Celebrex help with Vicodin withdrawals??

Have been on Vicodin for 3 years due to extreme back pain and two back surgeries in a year. With new law my surgeon can't prescribe them to me and I have run out. I do go see a pain management ...

Posted 16 Oct 2014 4 answers

Celebrex... ? My pain management doctor RX'ed Celebrex for me about a year ago for my chronic?

... upper back pain, cervicalgia, & torn rotator cuff. My insurance was different then and it was too expensive. Now my insurance is great & it would most likely be completely covered (I now ...

Posted 29 Oct 2014 3 answers

I get sudden, vacillating muscle weakness in my legs. It is as though I have walked 50 miles?

I have recently started a new med, Tegretol which I take 150 MG per day. I have been on this new med for almost 1 month. I am also arthritic and take Methotrexate,Enbril, and Celebrex. The Dr checked ...

Posted 29 Oct 2014 0 answers

Celebrex - is it also for moods? depression? my doctor said it was?

i have a bulge on my back and they can't find anything but arthritis, the pain is so bad i'm having problems at work, sitting to long and standing too long are really hard for me :( he ...

Posted 10 May 2012 6 answers

There were three Nsaids that were very effective. 2 removed from the market left celebrex?

what were names of those two removed.

Posted 24 Aug 2014 1 answer

I am taking 200 mgs of Celebrex a day. Can I increase the dosage to 400 mgs.?

I have a lot of pain in my lower back, hips and legs and can't walk without this terrible pain that causes me to fall to the floor or ground. I need something stronger to get rid of the ...

Posted 8 Aug 2014 1 answer

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