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After having cancer removed is their any definitive test to trace the likelihood of future cancer?

Primary cancerous lymph nodes were removed and now and though cancer free ... doctor says perhaps it might reoccur... can anybody help to direct me please?

Posted 2 days 4 hours ago 2 answers

Anastrozole - What are my risks if I decide not to take hormone therapy drugs after my surgery for?

... breast cancer? I simply do not want the side effects they will give me

Posted 9 days ago 3 answers

Megestrol - 40 ml/mg. how often can I give my husband who is on chemo for cancer?

No appetite and keeps losing weight

Posted 2 days 20 hours ago 2 answers

Is there any difference between synthroid and the generic levothyroxine? I have had my thyroid?

... removed due to thyroid cancer. Although the Dr. Rx was for synthroid the insurance requires the generic.

Posted 2 days 21 hours ago 1 answer

I was diagonised with breast cancer, and I decided to take hydrogen peroxide 35% , and followed?

istructions, i started wit 25 drops, in distiled water, but i feel much heat and hot temperatures in the breast affected and some fever, please advise,

Posted 2 days 3 hours ago 1 answer

Have you ever heard of being put on Effexor (venlafaxine) as a replacement for hydrocodone?

A friend of mine has ovarian cancer and has been taking hydrocodone for the pain in her bones. Her doctor is trying to replace the hydrocodone with effexor? Is this common? She was dealing with the ...

Posted 8 days ago 1 answer

Is cancer drug gemcitabine available in any formulations other than injection?

Such as tablets, syrup, suppositories.. anything really. I can't find much info so I'm assuming it's only given parenterally? thanks!

Posted 6 days ago 1 answer

Breast Cancer - Please help:Recent Asymmetry in breasts?

Hi I am 24 year old ,unmarried . Recently I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism ( TSH : 9 ). My main concern started 2 months ago when I started noticing the difference in my breasts. My left breast ...

Posted 12 days ago 1 answer

GERD - I took 40 mg of Nexium this am but am feeling the reflux in my chest and back. It has not?

... been 24 hours. Previously was taking Omeprazole twice daily (20mg). I am frustrated and worry that I will end up with esophageal cancer! Does anyone else take more than 40 mg of Nexium/day? I am ...

Posted 28 Mar 2014 2 answers

I was on the avastin trial following bowel cancer. It was stopped after 13 sessions. What effects?

... does it have on healthy cells? I have had a bifemoral bypass since the cancer and have not really recovered my health

Posted 8 days ago 0 answers

How long before HRT is out of my system after discontinuing?

I was just diagnosed with breast cancer and needed to discontinue HRT. I would like to know how long before these drugs are out of my system. I was taking 1 mg of estradiol once per day and 100 mg of ...

Posted 14 days ago 1 answer

My mother had whole brain radiation 1and 1/2 years memory getting worse how will she die from this?

She has breast cancer that was diagnosed stage 4 3 years ago I live with her and her memory in last few weeks has gotten worse I'm assuming the cancer has grow in brain again ... I'm trying ...

Posted 15 days ago 1 answer

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