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Can I take Metformin if I also take bisoprolol 0.25 mg and hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg.

I take these for high blood pressure and kidney stones. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and the nurse said they would probably start me on Metformin, but I've read that it interacts with ...

Posted 14 Oct 2013 2 answers

High Blood Pressure - Is it better to take bp pills at 5pm or 5am?

current meds are (2) lisinop/hctz 20-25mg tab daily.

Posted 18 Nov 2013 1 answer

Do all blood pressure meds cause potassium level to rise?

potassium level was 7.0 and dr. in hospital took me off bp meds

Posted 4 Feb 2013 3 answers

Atenolol an metoprol are they the same?

Metoprol tar is 25 mg atenolol is50 mg are they the same except for the mg?

Posted 17 Oct 2013 1 answer

High Blood Pressure - Taking verapamil 240mg BP is very high last two weeks 175/110 what should I do

Going to be having surgery in a week. Very nervous. I called my doctor they said drink more water, watch salt which I do. I also have had fluid in my legs for about 8 months. Doctor will not give me ...

Posted 3 Nov 2013 1 answer

Side Effect - high blood pressure with medi- tapp?

is it safe with treated high blood pressure?

Posted 25 Nov 2013 1 answer

Is potassium good for a person who has diabetes and high blood pressure?

I have high blood pressure and I am diabetic I recently found out I am anemic, my doctor put me on potassium to raise my potassium level but it interacts with all my medication and I don't know ...

Posted 25 Sep 2013 3 answers

High blood pressure?

What is the difference between amlodipine sandoz and atenolol sandoz As the first one makes my heart Pump too fast.

Posted 1 Dec 2013 1 answer

Is there a blood pressure medicine that does not have the side effect of getting mouth ulcers?

I have been taking Amlodopine for about a month and have developed several bad mouth ulcers. I have experienced this before when taking blood pressure medicine. I think it was a different kind last ...

Posted 15 Nov 2013 1 answer

Can pulmicort cause a rise in blood pressure w/severe heart palpitations?

Severe heart palpitations. Heart rate steady at 80 to 100. BP increases 200/115 at times, goes down with clonidine and other bp meds. I have noticed this started since I left hosp. in July of 2013. ...

Posted 17 Oct 2013 1 answer

Is is necessary to take (3) different blood pressure medicines?

My husband is taking Carvedilol, Lisinopril and Spironolactone. I am concerned about the side effects of taking so many medicines. He is also taking Atorvastatin, Warfarin, and Plavix.

Posted 6 Sep 2013 3 answers

Bystolic - Why is my blood pressure still so high?

I am 27 and was diagnosed with high blood pressure when I was 25. My father had high blood pressure and died of a heart attack at 49. I've been on Bystolic 10mg for the past 2 years. And I can ...

Posted 8 Feb 2012 4 answers

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