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Small round blue pill a big R on one side and 180 on the other?

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4 Sep 2013

Here is an easy way to I'd any pill. I use Bing not google but im sure its the same. Type 180 R blue pill in your search bar! It will tell you what it is! I'll go look it up and reply again. Nanimal

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nanimal 4 Sep 2013

I just looked it up on my phone and it said your looking at it up side down. Its R 081. It's 7.5mg of Clorazepate witch is a Benzodiazepine used to treat anxity. Looking pills up that way has become very easy! Hope this helps! Nanimal

pillzilla 5 Sep 2013

If only it were that easy Nanimal ;)

Is it possible the imprint actually reads R 031?
Pill imprint 031 R has been identified as Alprazolam 1 mg, which is generic Xanax.

Double check by comparing against the image in the link above. If this is not your pill, please let us know and we will keep searching.

nanimal 5 Sep 2013

Yeah, it's hard to tell without seeing it. I just went with what they said. I wish there was a way to add photos it would make things easier! Even with our info if anyone is or wants to take it they should go and take it to a pharmacy to make sure! If it was me and I wasn't sure I would get rid of it! Its not worth getting sick over one pill! I agree and understand where your coming from! Thanks, nanimal

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