Is it safe to take phentermine after a kidney transplant?

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27 Sep 2012

This is a question for your nephrologist. I don't think phentermine is a safe drug under any circumstances.

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HeadStarter 27 Sep 2012

And, I couldn't agree with you more on that one! THUMBS UP!


Poppy18 28 Sep 2012

Is there any other tablets that are safe for me to take as i constantly feel hungry and I'm putting on more and more weight


27 Sep 2012

Hello Poppy18. No, under no circumstances would I take Phentermine. More so after a transplant. (of any organ) Regards pledge

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28 Sep 2012

Im takem it now & i've tsken it a few times b4. On the warrnings it dont say anything about not 2. If ur dr. Knew about ur transplant they probably wouldn't of given it 2 u. They really do help b prepared 2 have alot of energy just takem early so u can ho 2 sleep. I lost about 7lbs in 1wk. Just make sure u exercise also. The 1st wk or so u might not even eat. I usually dont the 1st 2wks or so.

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Poppy18 28 Sep 2012

Hi there thanks for your comment, i haven't got the tablets yet just thought I'd do a bit of research before hand, but i do think that my doctor will not give me the tablets I've had a few comments saying there not a good idea but I'm gonna ask him anyway just incase coz i do really want to try them, like yourself a few of my friends have taken them and they have lost lots of weight and I'm just stuck in a rut at the moment as I constantly feel hungry so the tablets would be good if they make you not hungry :)

sparkle34 28 Sep 2012

U also might wanna try the green coffee extract. I've heard lots of good things about it & its all natural. I've seen them at walmart. Good luck 2 u. When i get stuck try uping ur cardio level also if u stick 2 a diet 2 long ur body gets used 2 it so every 7days u need.a cheat day 2 reboot ur metsbolism.

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