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Is it safe to take ibuprofen and meloxicam together?

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14 Sep 2012

I seem to remember answering this question a few days ago, of course I may have been dreaming. No, don't take them together. They are the same kind of medications (nsaid). If for no other reason then you'll tear up your stomach.

14 Sep 2012

No. these are both NSAID medications. Taking both at the same time greatly increases your chances for gastric (stomach) bleeding. You need to choose one or the other. If one is not enough to relieve your pain, then you need to talk to your dr about other options.

chuck1957 2 Oct 2013

really not safe to take together but ibuprofen is a ISAID AND mobic is a coxii only 2 drugs for antiinflamatory celebrex,and mobic are the only two in this group,all others are nsaid's but the work the same course and can cause serious damage to your stomach.nice about celebrex and mobic is they stay in your system much longer and you don't have to take as many lessing the stommach problems. both of these are once a day.
chuck cpht.oregon

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