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Is it safe to take a drug from Mexico called Rumoquin?

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1 Aug 2012

Where are you taking it ... and what's in it?

evera 14 Oct 2012

Diclofenaco Sodico 75 mg - Metocarbamol 200 mg - Dexametasona 0.75 mg I'm taking it at home its a pill form. I know it has corticosteroids 0.75 mg but I need to know if it is dangerous to take it, I don't take it all the time just once in awhile

northridge 8 Jun 2013

I've been taking Rumoquin for two years, almost daily, to counter pain of osteoarthritis in my hips. Beats anything else I've tried. Contains 75 mg of diclofenac (which my US MD) prescribes for me),200 mg of muscle relaxant methacarbamol (my MD prescribes bacloven) and a cortisteroid 75mg dexamethasone (which my MD will not prescribe.) Rumoquin works better so I do not use the diclo and bacloven.

1 Aug 2012

Probably not. It contains a steroid and isn't accepted by the FDA.

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