Pradaxa - How do you handle the severe indigestion & heartburn even taking prevasid?

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13 Oct 2011

I also suffered from severe burning stomach pain while on Pradaxa for 30 days post-operatively. As far as I understand, Pradaxa does not increase stomach acid and therefore OTC treatments for heartburn and indigestion do not work. Rather, this is an unpleasant side effect of the medicine itself. I believe it irritates the stomach muscle itself, versus the lining in a number of those who are taking it. I found that eating food BEFORE taking Pradaxa was very important. The larger the meal, the better. Key was, food first, medicine on top and RIGHT after eating. I also found personally that milk seemed to make the burning worse, but I don't know why. Taking Pradaxa alone on an empty stomach was the WORST thing I did. There is a forum on the Pradaxa website itself ( that has a lot of good advice. Hope that helps!

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