Do medications ending in sulfate have sulpha in them? I am highly allergic to sulpha drugs?

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6 May 2013


I would say yes, as the definition of sulfate according to is:

"A salt or ester of sulfuric acid."

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6 May 2013

Sulfa is short for sulfonomides which is a kind of antibiotic. Sulfonomides are not chemically related to sulpher or sulpher salts i.e. sulfates, sulfites-these dont not cause the same allergic reaction that you see with sulfonomide antibiotics.

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6 May 2013

You should be careful with both kinds of drugs however as you can be allergic to both as I am. I get the same allergic reaction to both.

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6 May 2013

Allergy to sulfa drugs is a popular term for related medications. Once allergic: sulfites, nickel and even tea laurel sulfate (found in soaps, shampoos, etc.), can cause irritation or an allergic response. I have this allergy and over the years I have become quite allergic and have had to change shampoo, body wash, soap and so forth. No plated metals due to blistering. Also, they used to have a product that was used in salads to keep the lettuce fresh and it was widely used in restaurants. I would become ill with shooting diarrhea. A national law was passed during the 90's to no longer use this product because of the large number of people becoming ill.

Therefore, I suggest that anyone with an allergy to a sulfa medication, will find themselves allergic to the items above. Shampoo is the best to change out as I had thought I had itchy scalp and dandruff but it disappeared after buying sulfate free products.

Sulphur is the chemical on the periodic table. It is in all living creatures.

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