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Magnesium Citrate - I downed a 10 fl oz bottle 6 hours ago. Nothing has happened. Why???

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2 May 2014

Try a liquid glycerin suppository.

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5 Jan 2013

Be patient :) I often have no relief or movement until the next morning. It depends if you have been backed up for awhile as well but when it starts working, I'm cleaned out. Give it until the morning. If nothing, I've been instructed to drink another bottle but you should check with the pharmacist if you can't get ahold of your doctor. I've taken in when I've had nothing in 7 days. I don't wait that long anymore as I now use Relistor as my emergency go to med. Hope you feel better soon. (It's never ever worked in 6 hrs for me but everyone responds differently based on a number of factors) Best wishes!!!

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kjoinc2 6 Jan 2013

Thanks for your answer. I drank a second bottle at 7 pm as per colonoscopy prep. Nothing yet. I have had no solids for 2 days as well. I am to drink 96ozs of liquid with about 357grms if mirolax tomorrow to finish off prep. I cannot believe 2 bottles of mag citrate didn't do anything. Oh well Thanks again

cupcake7667 6 Jan 2013

Ugh! I think the old bowl prep was better. Well, I'd stay close to the house!!! Have you ever used mg citrate in the past? I can tell when it hits my intestines, my tummy starts bloating and bloating. I get so uncomfortable. I have to lay down. Now the stuff makes me throw up. They're going to have to use a rotor rooster to prep me ;) Good luck with your colonoscopy and happy passing!!! ( I am a dietitian and we talk about this type of stuff every day, I forget some people get a little offended or shy, I don't think you since you posted or I hope I haven't ) Are you pretty regular? If so you'd think it would have worked too but I do promise it will!!! Procedure on Monday? They really need to find an easy alternative as prepping is so unpleasant!!! Again, good luck!!!

Angkay07 20 Apr 2014

I drank one bottle yesterday morning about 7am and its almost 11 pm the following night. I had stomach gurgling the whole day. Then, the next morning back to how it was prior to taking it. If I take another one now and it doesn't work I'm going to go with "I'm broken"... and since January of this year I've been doing it monthly. This is the first time one bottle didn't make things happen by at least the next morning.

IcantgoinQtown 15 Dec 2014

I have not been able to have a bowel movement in at least a week. I can go a little bit but then nothing. When should you start to panic? I have taken laxatives everyday . I bought some mag citrate . I am taking a lot of pain meds I know that constipates people. Does anyone know if I should be concerned ?

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