Is there any withdrawal symptons when you stop taking Niacin? I've been taking 2000mg for 6 months?

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19 Mar 2010


Great question!

I am only a consumer, so my answer is my opinion and my experience.

I would have thought that there would not be a withdrawal to taking Niacin. Then I stopped taking 1000 mg. a day "cold turkey". I had been taking Niacin for 5 months.

I felt great on Niacin... my mood was uplifted and I was better able to deal with stressors.

A week after stopping the Niacin cold turkey I started crying a lot (I am not a cryer, at all) and felt very overwhelmed. I also started having problems sleeping.

It hit me in the middle of the night last night that I had stopped the Niacin and maybe I should have weaned off of it. The reason I decided to stop taking it at all (since I was experiencing positive benefits) was because I flushed so severely.

Needless to say, I started on 2 doses of 250 mg. today and I hope to get back up to 1000 mg.

Hope my experience answered your question.

Take care!

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13 Apr 2011

I was on 500mg daily but I recently scaled down to 200mg and much like someone else who has posted here, I also felt very emotional. I wouldn't say 'depressed', but just kind of sad (and there's a difference). So I would occasionally be very teary and crying just a little bit. To me these symptoms are unusual, so I instantly knew something was wrong and I can only really attribute it to the slight reduction in Niacin.

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