Is Gabapentin appropriate for sciatic nerve pain caused by spinal stenosis?

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23 Jun 2010

Yes, it is. Gabapentin, also called Neurontin, is for nerve pain. I have spinal stenosis and was perscribed that for quite awhile and it did help me. I hope this answered your question.

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23 Jun 2010

4Gracie, I was prescribed Lyrica for nerve pain, but I didn't care for the side effects (weight gain) being the first, now my Doctor has given me Gabapenten for the same problem, I haven't filled it yet, because I still had Lyrica samples left and he said the gaba was in the same family as the Lyrica, which did work also. Good Luck Fall Queen

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23 Jun 2010

Yes. I have been taking it for over 4 years and there is a definite improvement in that burning awful ache that is most in my arms and legs from cervical stenosis. I started at 3times 300 mg a day now 3times 600 mg a day and I notice it when I miss doses. Hope it helps.

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23 Jun 2010

I do agree that many are prescribed this for nerve pain of different types and that it can help. I have a personal problem with taking an anti-epileptic seizure medication with it's side effects for that problem.
I don't know how many mgs are used today but years ago you would be started on a small dose and raised until you were taking 1,000 to 3,000mgs a day as for my own personal experience.
I felt it also did cause weight gain (Neurontin) and I felt more loopy from the high doses of anti-epileptic seizure meds than the pain meds I was on so I refuse to use them any longer but it is always a personal choice.

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23 Jun 2010

I have also found that antiepileptics made me feel like I'd lost my brain, itch, become very thirsty, affected my eyes and generally feel yucky. It is a good thing that they help quite a few people. I guess it is like another other medication, our personal chemistry determines how we will react to it.

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8 Dec 2010

I have been taking Gabapentin for years. I have DJD, had spinal stenosis in my neck but had surgery to correct that, and Osteoarthritis and peripheral neuropathy. The Gabapentin really helps with my peripheral neuropathy leg pain. I basically have NO pain due to this wonder drug. I have been reading about a lot of side effects, but I have not had any. The reading is scary.
I also read about water gain which I am not familiar with. Maybe some one can tell me more about this. I do not have any of these symptoms but I would like to be kept aware of what happens to other people on this drug.
One thing I have noticed is an increase in appetite with any opioid I have taken and the weight gain has been amazing. I have put on 30 pounds due to the unusual appetite I have experienced with opiates. Any one else had this?

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